Whats Best Item You've Found In Pit?


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Where's the pit anyway? Sorry for asking this dumb question, but I honestly have no clue. :stoned:


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Its in the tamoe highlands.

The best I've ever gotten is a pair of sandstorm trek, but I've only run it maybe 14 times anyway.


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IK Armor, SoJ, Titan's, Jah rune, Vipermagi and that is about it in terms of useful items in well over 100 runs now. Less useful but still elite are Flamebellow, the unique trolls nest, and the unique ettin axe. I'm however extremely patient and will run it until I find my pally a Crown of the Ages.



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Unique Troll Nestx2
+1 Arcaine Valor
Fal rune
Mavinas Diadem
Tal Armor
Crown of Ages (2 sockets, 15%dr, 23 all resist)

All with 150% mf :D


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I have a BH pally running around with an upgraded Goldwrap, ethereal ali baba, P-topazed rockstopper, rare boots and gloves with mf and resists, 32 Geeds...all in all I end up with somewhere in the range of 315 mf I would say, can't check right now, I'm at work. My luck tends to run in spurts. I'll find several very nice items one day and the next I'll get a load of crappy rares with crap mods (with one exception of a 426% ED axe that got upgraded to a berserker axe.)


P.S. Claw- I too have found Mav's Diadem but it dropped for me off of some unique monster in the River of Flame while I was being a moron and doing my BH pallys rune quest (crap, another lem) with no one else around. I've been quite lucky with my near death experiences. Oh this is hc so if you were trying to figure out why I said I was being stupid doing it alone that should explain it.


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leviathon, steelrend, ethereal warshrike, 2x lacerators

lots of other mid-low lvl stuff

lvl 87 350+ mf wind druid

Dangerous Old Man

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26 Mara's Ammy
Gheeds Charm
Hellrack crossbow
Seraph's Hymn sp? Unique Paladin Ammy
Set Credendum belt
Naj Staff

That's just off the top of my head.

Done with a clvl 90 skellimancer with 350% mf, hardcore ladder.


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Aldur's armor, Ohm rune, Bul Kathos Collossus Blade, verdungo's belt, Unqiue Glorious axes and 2 etheral Edges. Which is quite funny, as I specialize in necro's, sorcs and Amazons, so most of the stuff is quite useless to me.



Nothing uber, but my mf is so low that I can change a unique item to a cracked one simply by depositing it temporarily in my inventory. ; - P


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Wf 8ml,Tal Armor,Soj, Metalgrid 35%, Gul, Griffon's eye -18/11, Nightwing's veil 14% etc. :)