Whats best gear for zealot?

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Whats best gear for zealot?

Ive got a lvl 74 zealot, and he is pretty good at killing and all, but what would be the idea gear for him? If the items need me to be higher lvl then ill lvl him so dont worry about that. The Gear im useing now is....

Grief in a Phaseblade. It has the 356+damage mod so its kind of low.
Smoke armor. Forgot what i made in but has 750 def.
IK gloves, belt, and boots. I know these have got to go sooner or later.
Highlords ammy.This isnt really useful, since ive got maxed speed with grief.
Ravenfrost and Dwarfstar. I like the CBF.
Blackoak Shield. The dex + is awsome, but its got only 350 def.
Vampire Gaze. Im really thinking about uping it.
I got a couple of res charms and 1 life sc. No torch,No anni.

What should I swap out for what?BTW price is not problem but if its between like 4hrs for just a little more def/damage/res then just tell me the cheaper one. Thx.