Whats best druid helm


Whats best druid helm

Ok, i gotta problem with my druid gear, I have a choice of 3helms to use:

Druid 2skills 40FHR 20FCR


Delirium, 5tornado, 5hurricane 4oak sage

My vote is for the delirium, but ima noob when it comes to wind druids, what do u guys think?

Queen Mebd

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Clay's got a point about the circlet; if you're going for the 99%(11 frame) fcr breakpoint, and the 86 or 99% (6 frame with stabbing or swinging weapon respectively) breakpoint, it'll be huge.

You could use the circlet (20), Trang's gloves (20), Arachnid mesh belt (20), and Heart of the oak flail or Wizardspike (40 or 50 respectively) and hit 100 fcr for the breakpoint easy. Plus it'd leave plenty of room for sheild and jewelry options.

But if you already hit those breakpoints, the Delirium will certainly give you a nice little damage and life boost.

Also some of the stickied guides are a great place to look if you're new to windies (http://forums.diabloii.net/showthread.php?t=238126)

Hope that helps.


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it depends on what you are using this helm for.. pvp or pvm?
for pvm i would actualy go for sako :smiley:
vs a caster.. if you need to reach the 163 bp of FCR you'll need the circlet.. from the 3 i would go with this one anyways for pvp
the delirium will give you huge damage but i don't know if i would use that... damage is not everything