What's a poor barb to do?


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What's a poor barb to do?

Ok, so it goes like this... I found a grandfather a week or so ago, and to me, this is a dream drop. I know there are WAAAAY better items out there now, but having played D2 since day 1, this to me represents the ultimate drop (it was like finding a soj, eye of etlich or Iceblink back in D2C).

Anyway, I've made a barb simply to use this weapon, and decided to give a WW barb a go, mainly cause i play mainly casters, and hate killing monsters one by one. So i finally get him up to lvl 81 and can use my GF, but unfortunately he's still not great... i find the killing speed in hell solo to be just too damn slow. I'm constantly whirling back and forth to kill almost anything. Surely one of the "best" swords of all time can still be made to be viable?

Now admittedly, I'm not rich... it's US West ladder, and I hold down a full-time job and girlfriend (yes, both VERY full-time). I'm starting to think I should pack it in and rebuild this barb (after using his hellforge and socket quests of course!) and making a zerker and going for some max insane damage.

My other question is: Where do i find the info on WW breakpoints? I want to know if I put a shael in the GF, will it affect WW? All the info I can find in this forum is on the last breakpoint, and oviously I can't make that. What are the other points? Obviously this is paramount to my decision to make a zerker, as I'd hate to waste a Hel rune to empty it again.

My current setup is this:
Max Sword
Max WW
Max Zerk
Max BO
1 point in misc skills...

Tal's Helm - empty socket
Black Hades - 3 empty sockets
Grandfather - emtpy socket
Stormshield - p.diamond
Perfect string
Sandstorm Trek
Laying of Hands
7% manald
6% life leech rare ring with nice mods.
Highlords ammy

Thanks in advance...


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I just got done building a WW barb and am not really that happy with it. I haven't read this, but I believe Bliz nerf'd WW in such a way as your chance to hit is really low. I don't hit nearly enough to even keep me alive with 15% LL.


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Ok you've tried to emphisis that your poor d2 player so ill give you cheap ways that may help your barb.

1. don't worry about useing the manald heal and rare ring use dual angelic rings to boost ar you will hit more often henseforth doing more damg makeing the dual leach on the tals helm more valuable then having higher leach with the ring.

2. get some dex charms and add points into dex to beef up ar and def this can work just as well as the 2 angelic rings stated above and you can still have high leach but the downfall is more space is taken up in the invetory

3. lvl up some in nm baal runz and pump every point you have into dex.

well thats all i got hope it helps you out!


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Well, you probably woulda been much better off pumping shout instead of bash (i'm guessing you might have looked at one of the old 1.09 guides to build this guy), but that's not such a big deal now. To answer your main question, Grandfather needs 15% ias to hit its next breakpoint, so the best socket for it is a ed/ias jewel, though if you're really excessively poor, shael works just as well, as others have mentioned.

Overall though, you have some pretty nice gear. Like Talic mentioned, you just need to get more ar and hit that next breakpoint, so you might want to look into getting angelic pieces or a ravenfrost or two (still the lord of all rings for the average player, imho). You've got the best amulet you could hope to get, and your boots are great, though Gore Riders might increase your damage output a good deal. Other than that, you should just keep an eye out for a better chest piece and maybe new gloves. Just keep the faith, my son!



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I feel the same about GF, maybe a lil more since i prefer warriors vs casters (barb way ahead of the following).
Soketing options from best to worse:
- 40(3x)ED/15 IAS
- +xxAR/15 IAS
- any usefull mod/15 IAS
- shael rune (still a v good option and u can always unsoket)
- some other runes (um, lo, mal, ber - not too bright)
- a chipped emerald (as refference :scratch: )
- Jah rune (like a noob wannabe emblem - expecially dual JAH-ed GFs)
- Zod rune (never saw that yet but who knows?)
If rebuilding i`d go like that:
- 20 ww
- 20 sword mastery
- 20 BO
- 20 Shout
- 1 Zerk,NR, inc speed
- rest Iron skin (can get lvl 19 at clvl 99)
Stats: STR oriented for pvm (no synergies for xtradmg and a lot of usefull defensive skills to make up for the lower VIT)
Gear: an arreat is not that expensive and i`d go 4 dual swords; LS would do nice as secondary.
Anyway i don`t think he will match the killing speed of usual casters.


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:uhhuh: first of all I dont believe WW is weak imo. THen again I must add that you dont seem poor to me, with a GF and Storm I would class myself rich, but then again i play HC lad.

If I remeber right u have 5 empty sockets. The shael or ias/xx jewel in GF is no doubt thats the way to go. The other 4 sockets you could vary alot. If ure going berserk since u have max bers. maybe an ias jewel or 2 in the armour would be nice for additional swing speed. Otherwise max or ed jewels are nice. If you are really desperate for ar maybe socket with dex jewels or gems, but thats not very common so i would go for the dam.

I would also choose to use 2 raven if you are going to keep the amulet, otherwise switch it for a metalgrid or angelic all the way.

If you can afford and arreats that would be sweet. the 20str/dex would give u a great boost, then u have to keep the manald though but still with an highlords, manald and raven u woudl manage fine. If u get lack of leech in life u could switc for an etlich with is sweet aswell.. :uhhuh:


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I see 'gf' and think girlfriend. It adds a new dimension to things.
Version 1.10 was not meant to be survivable in Hell Solo. Blizzard wanted character interaction to be a major issues. You've got a good build, so just try to work at things in parties.


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try for some crushing blow
imo ww barbs don't work in 1.10
the only barbs I see these days use frenzy, double throw, berserk, or all 3


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I think the killing speed is too slow for s/s ww barb and I favor trying to overpower monsters with damage and leech. I would try experimenting with the following:

1) shael the GF
2) use it two handed or find another good sword and dual wield (lightsaber, doombringer, etc)
3) craft some blood rings/trade for a dual leech ring..while you are using Tals Helmet...just about any rare ring will beat Manald
4) socket your black hades with some junk ED jewels (mid 20s to low 30s)
5) keep your dex near minimum for your sword
6) get your AR from charms...GF will help boost this
7) level up to about 87 from Pits/Bloody Foothills/Eldritch/Shenk and see if you like your Barb at that point