Whats a good PvM build ?


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Whats a good PvM build ?

Ive read the FAQ's and searched the forums.

I need a good build for someone who is-

1. Broke as hell
2. Has no items
3. Likes to play pure characters

Im looking for something thats a good pure character and not to hard to play.

I was thinking a charged boltress of some sort.


What's a pure character?

"Good" and "not to hard to play" are vague and subjective.

Go read the guides and pick a build that seems interesting to you, then come back and ask specific questions.


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heres my idea

20 Fire wall
20 charged bolt
20 lightning
20 lightning mastery
20 frost nova

Id nova them frozen, then blast thenm with the charged bolt. if they gave me any sass ill slap them with the fire wall.


I don't know if Frost Nova actually freezes monster or merely chills them. Glacial Spike will freeze them, however. And you can target it better.

Without Fire Mastery Fire Wall will do pitiful damage.

I still don't know what you mean by "pure", but if you're so fond of Charged Bolt, max that, Lightning, Lightning Mastery, then either get Fire Wall and Fire Mastery or Frozen Orb and Cold Mastery. And get a Holy Freeze merc.


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Do not max Frost Nova unless you plan to make it your main killing skill. And I would definitely not recommend that to a player with no items (I would hesitate to recommend it to a player with excellent items). 1pt in Frost Nova is more than enough. Firewall requires Fire Mastery if you actually expect to kill anything with it. Charged Bolt, I believe, is more of a skill you use when you're rich and can afford a lot of +skill items.

Common sorc builds for the poor are:


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Superhal said:
how poor is poor? can't even get like a stealth armor or leaf staff?
NO ONE is *that* poor. :lol:

and there are many many stickied guides at the top of the forum, browse them and see what you like. frost nova, firewall, and charged bolt will be hard pressed to kill anything in hell without good equipment. or even with good equipment.


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even basic items will affect build suggestions. for example, i found a warspear in norm or nm, and it is just like a poor man's memory staff. on the other hand, if you found a hexfire, i would suggest a fire build.


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Superhal said:
even basic items will affect build suggestions. for example, i found a warspear in norm or nm, and it is just like a poor man's memory staff. on the other hand, if you found a hexfire, i would suggest a fire build.

He is completly poor. Because Pure means only use what you find with that char.


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in that case, i would suggest one of two builds: one that is easy to play early on, and one that is stronger later but harder to play early.

the easiest to play early is a pure lightning build, as the "power" spells come in at 1 (charged bolt), 12 (lightning) or 18 (chain lightning), and all three of these are available on staves you can buy in a1 or a2 normal. so, just put in points in all of them each level, highest ones first, and they synergize each other. you can basically play naked and have powerful spells all the way through. obviously, you suffer a lot, later in hell, vs lightning immunes and the ancients. also, as a pure lightning build, you can easily add on 5-10 tk and 1 pt in energy shield, and benefit from +3 tree amulets/circlets, thus helping you in the defense and resists department, although not perfectly.

the 2nd build is a fireball/meteor/frozen orb. fireball comes in at lvl 12, but it can be boosted by +3 to 6 at lvl 19 by a leaf staff. fireball also synergizes meteor, so you can increase it right away. however, there is a sort of "dead zone" through 24-60 as you are trying to raise meteor, fire mastery and frozen orb at the same time, and aren't very strong in any of them. however, after 60, you will have 3 very powerful attacks and won't have much of a problem in hell vs immunes.

a third build i would suggest is a pure blizz sorc for meph running for items, but it seems like you aren't going to be doing much of that.


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I'd suggest blizzard and fireball. with the poor build, you're looking for versatility and cheap killing speed rather than high damage #'s, so don't worry as much about maxing all synergies for one spell. Instead, do two elements, and most of hell will still be killable.

I've raised a bliz-fireball sorc who is now level 74 with these skills:

FBolt 20
FBall 20
Bliz 20
Ice Blast 4 (synergizes with bliz, but probably won't put any more points into it)
Fire Mast. 6
Cold Mast. 11
warmth, tele, static are 1

I have found a +3 coldskills ammy, vipermagi, and skull collector, which is a +2 skills, +20 mana per kill, variable MF staff. Using this staff, your mana stays full, and as you can tell magic finding is a vital part of her existence. Ironically, she's a max-block sorc, and i do have her some good blocking and a +2cold +2 bliz orb on weapon switch, but the staff is quite usefull as long as she's not in hell. There, she needs the 75% chance to not get hit.

She basically has +4 all skills, and her damage is at around 2k fireball, 1.2k blizzard. In hell, nothing dies extremely fast, and she does get swarmed, but all i can think of is to get a holy freeze merc. Yet I want to keep my A1 defiance merc because I've had him so long, so I probably will.

even with about -90% enemy cold resistance, cold immunes are still immune, but I keep putting points into cold mastery because it boosts damage to non-immunes anyway. Also, blizzard is bad at hitting single opponents, so for fire immune uniques, that's when i use the ice blast to peg him to death.

even with the best build, good characters must usually MF to become hell viable.

by the way, she has very few points into energy (probably didn't need any), about 80 str, 200 dex (with the help of a few of her items, more likely to be about 185) and 180ish vitality. Her health and mana are both around 400 without items, 500 with.

I should add that the real staple of this build is that it is the answer to those cold immune and fire immune mobs in hell. If you go single skill-tree, you'll be running away a LOT and won't be able to solo much of hell. of course I also use static field whenever it's needed, mostly against fire and cold immunes, when I rely on my merc to finish them off.


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Poor characters

I was doing a lot of NM runs, especially diablo (since that's the easiest monster for me to find without any "help"). I also do andy, pindle, and meph. With any normal sorc that focuses on cold you can stomp all over NM, and I was able to get a lot of medium level stuff that I can use or trade. That's what I would suggest instead of struggling to survive in hell.

Another side benefit of NM Diablo runs was that I get a lot of flawless gems, which I can cube into perfect gems to trade with others. You can also get the Topazes to upgrade your MF score, and have shields and armors full of Topazes since you don't suffer as much resistance penalities as hell.

BTW is the Pits good place to run in NM? Do they still have the highest TC monsters in NM?