What's a good non-pally Chaoser?


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What's a good non-pally Chaoser?

None of my chars (Summoner, Meteorb, Fury Druid) can handle Chaos in a reasonable time frame, so I think it's about time I made one. Bowazon maybe? Can't think of much else...

Anyhow, any info appreciated. Thanks.


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Hmm, my meteorb sorc with Tal's set, 35% Spirit, Magefists, WT, 2 Nagelrings, 4 fire skillers and a torch can solo them, including Diablo. When the merc dies, she has to apply more hit and run and sometimes she has to resurrect the merc if a seal boss is cold+fire immune. There are better CS runners, but a meteorb sorc is still one of the better ones.

Some people call it bowazon heaven BTW.