Whats a good cheap zealot wep


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would barranars work ok
It would work fine.

Also, something completely free. Buy/Find a good elite 1-handed wep (Berserker Axe, Cryptic Sword, Phase Blade, etc.) and cube it will 3 chippies until you get a cruel. Automatic 200-300% ed weapon and all you did was spend some gold, and do a little gem hunting.


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I think you could buy a Eth Oath (bad ED) for a UM. Combine it with marrowalks and you will have additional 1000 bone spears shooting. Nordz is OK if its Eth since it poses self repair mod. Eth headstriker is also OK.
Whats a CHEAP good wepon for a zealot
I've always liked Heavens light, for the CB, decent damage (for someone who plays SP, no crazy runewords), +2-3 skills and other nice mods.

mayb use baranars when u need to elemental damage. also u cud shop a cruel mythical sword with faster attack rate, which wud be a very cheap alternative.


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non eth dc is ok and cheap

i see that your useast, are you nl or ladder if your ladder i might have a decent weapon you can have if you need one.


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why not a 4os runemaster i got one free and it had 2 amn runes in it when i got it and i was thinking about either 2 more amn runes or 2 sheals


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shaeffers shael'd is an ok pvm weapon. its cheap and very effective with pretty ok damage and static that triggers like no other.


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What you want in a zealot weapon is speed. The maximum dmg isn't that much of a problem if you're hitting in 4fps. Other great things are spells, such as "chance to cast ...". Why you may ask? Well, again, if you hit a monster with smite, you'll actually strike him 4 times, wich with basics math means a 25% becomes 100% in one attack.(not entierly true but you get the picture).
Deadlystrike, Crushing blow and Open Wounds are also some of your best friends. Look out for "monster flee", its a b*tch.

A mini guide to getting a good weapon:
If you can't find one at mephisto/baal nightmare try this:
You can get lot's of good unique weapons for just a few perf gems, such as headstriker, baranars, lightsabre, runemaster, razors edge, uniqe scepters etc. All of these work fine but are still just "ok", but for a few gems they sure as hell are worth it.
If you want go get a better weapond, make one yourself or buy one using runes. If you're lucky, you'll get a good one at hellforge NM and Hell, then you're maid :)
If a über-düber-süper runeword is your goal, I think you should be out MFing and not asking yourself "how?", but I think(and hope) thats not the case :)