What's a good build to 'start' with.


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What's a good build to 'start' with.

I'm just starting to get back to the Diablo world, and I have played some on Bnet but my true desire is to play SP and SP exclusively. But, I have a slight problem - I don't have any clue on what builds are good non-twinked. So, I was wondering if you guys could give me any advice on a good build that can survive un-twinked, and eventually MF for gear for my other characters. Anyway, I am pretty excited to join your guys' little community here and I can't wait to start playing again.


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Welcome to the SPF!
Introduce yourself and tell us about you.

if youre starting out in 1.10, take a look at the Build Guide put up by Borlag - gives you links to some useful stuff. One popular build around here is the Skellimancer described by Nightfish - the Fishymancer - that is very successful in 1.10


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Welcome to the forums :)

The easiest builds untwinked are without a doubt the Fishymancer and the hammerdin, out of those it really comes to your own preference, I prefer the hammerdin, some others prefer the skellymancer/fishymancer. Your choice really.

Might I suggest the SPF laders also? As you're starting untwinked anyway, you might aswell do it there :)


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Welcome to the SPF, hope you enjoy it :)

I've found that the "Fishymancer" breed of Necromancer is great for playing new and untwinked, since most the work is being done by your army of skellies.


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Might I also suggest a Lightning Trapper Assassin ? I'm having lots of fun with one at the mo, untwinked and am now in Act 1 NM with hardly any probs. There's an excellent guide in the Assassin forum for one ....

EDIT: Oh yes, welcome to the forum ! :D


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Welcome to the SPF! You should check the SP FAQ if you haven't, it is chock full of info including alot of links to build guides (compiled by Borlag) and a rather thorough SP FAQ by Shade, Merc FAQ (can't remember by who, Darkness I believe).

I have to agree with what every one is suggesting and add my own favorite. :D

Summoner Necro is solid, so is a Bone Necro but he is less safe.


Assassin - Trapper AND DTalon kicker are both solid from scratch builds.

HybridZon - LF (just ungodly power even with crappy Javs) and a nice, low mana Bow skill (Strafe or Guided). You can probably do an Energizer and just get the fastest Javs you can find/buy.

I think a Wind druid can do it untwinked. All of these, except the Bone Necro and the DTalon kicker, will be good Pit runners in the end game too. Pretty much anything that did well early on the 1.10 BNet Ladder.


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Frostmaiden works fine too...mine is decked out with pretty much complete mf gear and only dies sporadically. If you give her combat gear she'd be much more of a killer. Good build to run the Ancient Tunnels with. +skills are nice but far from mandatory and a good bow is nice but since FA damage is not based on bow damage you can go with a crappy bow if need be.

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I like the sorceress for MF... untwinked, though, may be hard to start off with. My sorc started with the low level stuff my necro gathered up to act 3, plus a Khalim's will, which brought her through act 1 and 2 fairly quickly up to the point where she could use blizzard (even though she was a meteorb/Vega Sorc, a lvl 1 blizzard is much better than a lvl 1-5 meteor, until you get frozen orb). Now she's level 44 and about a percent away from levelling, just having gained a slayer title. And she's found quite a bit of stuff.

The Fishymancer's probably the best to start off with, but that's more like sitting in the back seat while someone else is driving.