What're you doing for Mother's day?


What're you doing for Mother's day?

I think I might pay my child support this month.

Just kiddin! That ***** aint getting a dime!


Picking up a phone, dialing a number and saying Happy Mom's Day. That's about it. I sent a card on Thursday.


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A phone call. I'd like to visit, but it's like $20 in gas to drive there, and I don't have 3 hours to spend in a car today.


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whipped up 4 pieces of butterlicious french toast, 2 eggs over medium (she likes it that way), and plenty of salt-n-peppa hash browns

oh, and some nuked syrup and Diet Pepsi (she's just one of those soda people, i guess)

personally, i wanted to eat some, but i couldn't make myself another batch because we didn't have enough stuff...now i'm here typing and starving.... *weeps*

Happy Mother's Day!


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I visited with my mother last weekend (6+ hour drive each way). :)

Today it will be a phone call like I do every Sunday.


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Wear my mother's clothes and sit in a rocking chair during my off hours as an inn attendance.

Just kidding.
Couple of us put some funds together, bought filet mignon and king crab legs and had a surf 'n turf in my backyard for the mothers (my wife, my mother, her mother, etc. etc.). Corn, baked taters, etc.

Darn good spread, and with everyone chipping in a little bit you got a meal that would have run $75.00 plus in a restaurant.