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What you think of this build Plz comment

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by Acclizal, May 18, 2008.

  1. Acclizal

    Acclizal IncGamers Member

    Jul 31, 2005
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    What you think of this build Plz comment

    So i have been playing d2 for some time now. And i have never seen a crazy good cold skill bow zon pvp. or any for that matter.

    I am so bored with the typical builds, you know the type faith bow, and all that stuff.

    So what i am proposing is something new. But i haven't decided on equip yet. If you have any other ideas' please offer them there might be options that i have not even considered.

    So please comment on this and give me your opinions it will be greatly appreciated.

    120/45 IAS Bone Visage
    Nightwing's Veil
    Vamp Gaze

    120/45 IAS Bone Visage . Okay so i am thinking that the 120/45 helm would be crazy. 120% ed with 45% ias. Couple that with the 20% already on the bow, the 20% on the gloves and you already have 85 % faster attack speed with out a single point into penetrate. Then if you add in the Armour option of 60ias on it thats 145 just in gear. I already at the 7 frames mark and no skill points needed. Ias is the name of the game here.

    Nightwing's Veil. Okay i think it says it all with the +2 all skills, +15% to Cold Skill Damage. +20 to Dexterity, and the -50% req. Obviously more damage is the name of the game here.

    Vamp Gaze. Okay your probably like wtf with the 2 options he already gave why would he be considering this option. Well i am old school d2 player and the +20% dmg reduction coupled with the +8% on the coh, seem gravy to me. So that would be +28% damage reduction , along with 16ll and 8ml. Staying alive is the name of the game here

    Chains of Honor Archon Plate
    160/60 IAS Archon Plate

    Chains of Honor Archon Plate. +2 skills, +65 res, +20 str all gravy probally the best overall arm around.

    160/60 IAS Archon Plate well enough said here. ias is the name of the game.

    2 x Ravenfrost - 20 Dex & 250 AR

    Would you want to rock anything else with a bow zon?


    Ummm kinda seems to go hand and hand with a bow zon +20 ias, +1 skills and deadly strike. sign me up

    Ice Grand Matron Bow

    Kinda the whole idea behind this build.

    Gloves 20ias +2 Bow skills knock back (craziness i know)

    Crazy expensive but ooooooo so sexy.

    Merc Act 1
    Faith Grand Matron Bow
    stone or shaftstop
    vamp gaze

    So what i am thinking with this merc, if i dont go the route with all the ias, then the fant aura would rock. Stone for the def or couple the %38 Damage red in with the arm and helm? And with this being a pvp build this merc might actually hit someone :p
  2. HellPlayer

    HellPlayer IncGamers Member

    Jul 10, 2006
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    Re: What you think of this build Plz comment

    Sorry but this dont is impressive and I suspect will not be effective at pvp unless you find someone to park while you get a hit(cold skills), also gmb ice + merc faith 13+ fanat(merc for a duelist ?) need only 95ias for 7 frames attack, fatest you can go.
    About the gear you say a setup with 7 jewells 40/15(120/45 and 160/60), for who want to be diferent that is going back to old style wf duelists gear.Why not use a wf then?
    You need advice from ppl more skilled than me at pvp but this build have what you want: is rare to see(I never see one before) cold ama dueling, good luck.
  3. NASE

    NASE IncGamers Member

    Jun 24, 2006
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    Re: What you think of this build Plz comment

    no you don't, the reason you don't see these is because you can't even make an acceptable duellist with it - type bearazon.
    Compare it to other builds with a likewise attack. Fire sorc have a likewise attack though they have max block, huge damage and teleport. Lightning sorc have huge damage, teleport, max block and energie shield - not to mention dual dream if they want as change gear.
    The only advantage you have is holy freeze, though that's often bm.

    P.S. the reason why they do work in pvm is because they can pierce and freeze, thus doing many times the listed damage while keeping to monsters immobile.

    P.P.S. on the other hand, all great inventors didn't listen to the other 'so called' smart people, perhaps you are on to something.

  4. Kijya

    Kijya IncGamers Member

    Feb 28, 2005
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    Re: What you think of this build Plz comment

    Most things have been mentioned already, but for the sake of it just let me point out that act 1 rogues cannot use amazon only bows. :azn:
  5. sangfagel

    sangfagel IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    Re: What you think of this build Plz comment

    This is not possible since merc is not an ama but a rouge and can´t use class specific amazon weapons. Btw - if you mean a pvp build I wouldn´t rely on a merc, especially not on A1 merc.

    Well... I can´t see any *idea* here - just a stuff :azn:
    If you use FA (why would you use Nightwing's Veil othervise?) - you must aim your target, giving your target time to aim you. Any sorc will just eat you up -I can promise.

    And... You consider using 7 duped 40/15s because you are "bored with the typical builds"... aaah... give me break :laugh:


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