what would you make


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what would you make

I have to come up with an idea regarding my school project.Project will last one year and should reflect market demand,either something new or improve current models that are availabe on market.

For instance, Last year our group made stair climber.A device that helps people to life heavy objects up and down the stairs

I dont think i can get answers here but you never know.


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can you design something that will help stabalize the economy on the us realms :rolleyes:
sorry for referring to this thing called diablo2 on the OTF :hide:


Merick said:
Make genetically modified seeds in an evil plot to make the world fat.
reminds me of the American Dad that was on last night- injecting celery with lard.

ffejrxx said:
sorry for referring to this thing called diablo2 on the OTF
*thwumps him with a tactical assault trout*

reproduce the ps3, and mark it for sale at 1/2 the current price.


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Evil Conservative Inc said:
Why the hell would he (the protagonist from the movie) steal it from a "secret government Laboratory" when he could get a **** load more from the Nuclear Physics Department in many US Universities. All you need is a very attractive woman to keep the geeks busy!

Oh no wait he wants to play the Hypocrite of the story. My bad.:grin: