what would you guys do in my position?


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what would you guys do in my position?

Well the problem is, my ex (for about 2 weeks now) found it nescarry to strenghten her words "it's over, and i'm keeping the TV" by throwing my computer out of the window... off course the computer was standing in my bedroom so he fell 2 floors down... you all can figure out i need a new one

Now im basiclly stuck between 2 choices.
#1 I'll buy one right now, this instance, a pentium 4, 3,06/800Mhz 180 Gig hard disk etc, really good PC, not the best money can buy, but still a mean grey gaming machine... if i can buy this i can pay it off in 10 months, so i can pay 97 euro each month, no problems here
#2 I can save for 7 months and buy a little bit better computer in about 7-8 months, the problem is because i dont have that sum off money now i have to save for that little bugger....

So what should i do, buy the first one with
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor HT Technologie 3.2GHz/ 800MHz FSB
120GB Serial ATA [7200rpm met 8MB DataBurstTM
128MB GeForce FX5200 8x AGP kaart met TV-Out via S-Video
Soundblaster Audigy2 5.1 Digital Sound Card incl FireWire OEM

or save my money for about 7-8 months and see whats on the market then?

really dont know what to do now :S



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Basically no matter how long you'll save, you can only buy what's best at that particular moment. After 6 month, maybe a year, there's bound to be computers alot more powerful.

If I was without computer right now, I'd propably buy even the cheapest comps on the market now, just so that I'd have atleast some computer. It's easy to upgrade bit by bit later on :)


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Uhh, im no psycho-therapist, but it sounds like that relationship definatly needed some work (hence the prefix EX).

Concerning your comp - I'd save, but that is cause I hate oweing money to anyone. Plus, if you put it on credit, you'll end up paying 1.5 times as much in the long haul.

Make your ex'es folks pay for it - may not be nice, but it is fair - seeing as she destroyed yours.


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yeah well, number 1 option is IMO a good one for me, cause it gives me 10 months in which i can complete the payment... and with my trainee job giving me 300 euro's as a bonus in the month, it is very tempting for me atm...

but come on, more bright idea's :D



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If you've got no problems with buying a computer on credit I'd say go get a PC now. Waiting just to get a better PC'll keep you waiting for ever, as Borlag said. Also, depending on what games you want to play, you wouldn't even utilise the greater ressources.

Btw depending on your stance towards your ex you could sue her and get her to pay for the computer.


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I would buy one now, because otherwise you will have no desent computer in 7 months. That is just too long.

If you game a lot, please don't buy the 5200fx videocard. It is to slow for newer games. I would go for a radeon 9600 pro, if you want the best quality/money ratio. If you don't have anough money, mayby it is a good idea to buy a athlon instead of a pentium.


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well actually, we bought it together, on her name and i bought it from her later on, but as it is still registerd on her name, i have no legs to stand on in front of court, already thought about that one, but heck i guess sometimes you're just getting scr**ed right?

anywayz, that compu was a little out of date so i needed a new one no matter what and she is willing to give me about 250 euro for a new one, no reall hurt done after all i suppose

@ snake.. well basicly i only play diablo and maybe sacred from now on so i think that would be more then sufficient right?



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As the machine would still be upgradable I'd go for the "now" option.

You "may" need a faster video card when (and if) Half Life-2 and/or Doom3 come out, but apart from that, it's pretty darn fast, right?

Anyhow, I don't think I'd wanna be without a PC for over half a year, but that's just me (my wife would love it, though, but that's a different story)


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Buy a refurbished computer direct from the company. They still cover the warantee and you can save a bit of cash on it.

Personally, I'd just buy a lower end model so you can start gaming now, otherwise you're out in the cold for a while. Obviously, you need to figure out what your priorities are!

For a refurbished computer at Dell, try this site for the US:


I don't know what country you're in but you should be able to find something similar in your home country. Most major manufacturers have similar 'outlet' stores as well.



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First: Sue your ex so that she has to pay for the computer ;)

Second: No matter when you buy the PC, two weeks afterwards it will be obsolete and prices will drop. Therefore it has been my policy to always buy one step below top notch. Sure, my computer may be ~5% slower than the best thing that's available, but it cost only ~70% of what the high end machine would have cost... At any rate, that's what I always do: Try to get a good computer without overpaying.


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I'll second NF's first point :)

Buy a computer that you can upgrade fairly easily later. It's better to have a computer that can grow with you (so to speak) than one which you have to replace completely every 2 years or so.
my policy is to buy the best that my small funds can buy, whcih is not the second best one, but i guess i shoud actually get a job soon, so that will help.
and dont buy a new one from a shop. buy the seperate componants from cheap websites or ebay if you dont mind, then build it yourself. that will save you £50.


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i'd say go for getting the (pretty darn) good computer now rather than waiting... as people have said, you can always upgrade bit by bit as you get the money. keep in mind though that some companies (Dell, the cheating bastards) make their comps VERY hard to upgrade. so make sure that all the components aren't soldered to the mainboard and that they don't use some crappy type of proprietary RAM... :rant:


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7 months without Diablo? Are you crazy, man? But seriously, unless you feel that you must take a break from the game, I say buy a basic system now. There's no point in saving for a great system that will only be obsolete by the next major holiday. And as far as your ex goes, just tell us you'll pick better next time and everything will be fine from now on. :thumbsup:


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Personally, I'd never buy a Dell or any other prefab computer, simply because for less money you can tailor a system to your needs, at a lower price, at better upgradability. For around 900 euro you can custom buy/build a good system, one that can still be upgraded in a year or so, should last at least 4 years. Just go for the 'best buy' options on MB, CPU, Vcard and HD. Monitor is somewhat icky costwise and there's little choice there. Case is where you can go cheap but I recommend against that. Buy a good case now and your next few systems will also be housed in a good case (I have a black Antec small server case for my system now, most expensive component when I bought it =).
In your case, the question is: how badly do you need a computer at the moment? If funds are under 800-900 euro, having to buy now isn't really what you want, since you'll be buying the cheapest on the charts, material that's still availble but already outdated, yet the price difference with the best buy option is generally 10% or so...a bad choice to make. If you have 800-900 or more available now, might as well buy now as later (as alot of others have pointed out before). I'd look for a computer store where you can choose the components, they build it (generally costs you like 15 euro to have them do it for you, no big deal) and you can pay it in terms (if need be).


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My comment is....strip the old computer! It may be that not everything has been ruined by the impact. Take out the memory modules and CD drives and have somebody test them for you. It isn't much, but any extra RAM you don't have to pay for is a bonus. I highly doubt that the CD drives are still operable, but you never know....

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I would buy one now, there'll always be better stuff coming out, so no reason to wait, just upgrade later.

That one looks fine, just make sure you have plenty of RAM. I would take Snakes' suggestion on the video card, if that's an option. Otherwise just try and stay away from proprietary stuff.