What would you fix on Necros?


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What would you fix on Necros?

Looks like there will be a ladder reset although whether any time in the near future is anyone's guess. So what the heck, let's throw some ideas around and maybe we can post them on Bliz' suggestion forum later.


Clearly the non clay golems need an upgrade. Frankly, I think the golem synergies should be yoinked and each golem should be beefed up individually. If I put 40 points into one minion, it should be my star player. If I put 100 points into it, it should be ready to solo diablo clone by itself. So how about a fire aura and melee damage value that's not a joke, attack ratings that can actually hit in Hell, and a serious denerfing overhaul of the blood golem. Fix it so Iron Golems only get lost when they die. Not between games. They should be toys for everybody, not just the rich. Ditch the thorns aura in favor of a stronger attack or give it a huge upgrade.

Weaken is silly. 50-60% damage reduction including magical attacks and reduced movement speed (but not attack), not just 33% for physical. That's just pointless when you get decrepify and it pales in comparison to using amp to simply kill things twice as fast. That or make it stack with other curses.

The time limit and AI clumsiness of revives feels more like a game flaw than a drawback. Let's give those guys the teleporting ability of all other minions that get left too far behind and either increase their duration or make them permanent until death while reducing the number of revives you can actually have. A speed bonus from Skeleton Mastery would be nice too. I'm tired of watching Enigma players getting the most out of their revives while they're really more of a temporary luxury for us unenigmatic types.

Fix the charged item/marrow walk bug but remove one skill from the synergies while beefing the rest up a bit. A bonemancer shouldn't have to completely sacrifice diversity to get a beefier attack. Even with a decked out marrowed Bone Necro, Hell remains challenging.


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i am not sure if its me who dont know how to do it..or there is nothing you can do with it...

Allow Necro to unsummon the bone wall

why necro have to wait for them to corrupted....necro should be able to unsummon them


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I would like these changes :

1) Give elite necro heads ability to spawn 4 sockets like pally shields/monarchs. Spirit Bloodlord Skull anyone?
2) Give better %blocking on necro heads!
3) Give auras to golems. Perhaps holyfreeze for clay, concentration for Iron golems or conviction for fire golems :p Ok maybe they'd be too powerful lol Hmm max IG = a golem that has lvl 20 concentration and returns damage..mmm
4) Make more runewords for wands/heads available
5) Increase the radius/duration of deceprify
6) Add a synergy to curses like more dmg return for iron maiden?
7) Make poison dagger come with +ias like fanaticism aura
8) Lower Resist lowers EVERYTHING : Magical, elemental, physical immunities as its a lvl 30 curse :p
9) Make Poison Explosion work like bone spirit but in poison form lol
Ok ok i am dreaming hehe


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Pherdnut, I concur; the summoning tree needs a major overhaul. Golems and revives are such late game skills, you'd think they'd be the most powerful, but alas, no. For one, I think Revives should be the most powerful minion-based skill in the game. As you said, when you revive a monster, it should stay with you indefinitley (like skeletons), or until it's killed in battle. With that in mind, you should only be able to revive 10 or so monsters at a time when the skill is maxed, otherwise it would be TOO powerful. On the other hand, skeletons should be toned down just a tad, but you should be able to create a new one with each point invested. That way, the skeleton skill would be a nice antithesis to revives (one skill based on quality, the other on quantity), and more suited for normal and nightmare. Mages should stay about the same in terms of behavior and life, but they should at least be able to inflict damage. The mage's level should reflect it's damage. I'm not sure if this is how it is now, but a lvl 20 skeletal mage should use a lvl 20 firebolt (as if from a sorc that invested 20 skill points into it). Ditto for charged bolt, icebolt, etc. I also agree that Fire Golems should come with Holy Fire Aura. Blood Golem, Fire Golem and Steel Golem should all be able to hit hard and survive in hell. Ironically, I kind of like the way Clay Golem is right now: as sort of a meatshield with a slowing effect.

Outside of summoning, I'd like to see Iron Maiden become deadly once more.


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I also think that golems are way underpowered...but does the Necromancer really need more powerful damage dealing/tanking minions..The biggest asset of a golem is that it's the only minion a Necromancer doesn't need a body for (except Iron Golem...but that's not such a big deal). I'd love to see some more "special effects" on golems, but not go overboard...lvl 20 concentration aura ;) Also Revive AI needs to be fixed no doubt about.

I think the curses work just fine, although Iron Maiden does deserve a boost. The bone spells should also be boosted a bit, since they are kind of weak compared to decked out poisonmancers and require more synergies. I actually think that the Necromancer is a very well rounded character with lots of useful skills and not many unbalanced ones. One last thing would be the graphics...why does the lord of the undead have to wear a dress...

Necro heads should have increased blocking and some seriously increased poison damage, so that aspect would actually be useful outside of act 1.

Change Bone Prison so it works like Diablos...how difficult can that be??? Lazy Blizzard.


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-Make Teeth a viable lategame skill
-Remove 1 or 2 Synnergies from Spirit and add the poison skills as synnergies, all giving it a small but not unsignificant ammount of poison damage. Not too long duration but decent damage if you max all poison skills and spirit. This way poison necros will have a more fun time with more to do (ie using 2 attack skills instead of 1).
-Make Corpse explosion do a little less damage. Kinda too good right now for an unsynnergised skill.
-Make poison explosion viable. Both poison nova and corpse explosion are better right now (one thing that would make it good but not a replica of nova and corpse explosion would be to make the radius just a tiny bit better and then make the damage massive (moreso than now), then corpse explosion would have the range and poison explosion would have the damage.
-Make bone prison work and look like Diablos Bone prison.

-Fix Weaken (Maybe make enemies do 30% damage?)
-Synnergies in curses

-Make a Golemancer viable
-Max 5 revives but they stay until they die and more than 5 points in the skill just beef them up. (would be a cool thing to go around the acts gathering up your favourite crew of 5 and then setting out for whatever quest you're on and they'd stay alive long enough for it to be worth it or if you really are into it with 20 mastery and 20 revive then you could hopefully keep most of them alive until some really sticky situation arrived)


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Yes! I second that - less revives but ones that will stay with you thru games unless they die. I choose those PI frenzytaurs and just for kicks i wanna test Hell Cows vs Hell Ball hehe. Also that +poison damage - what if that poison dmg is factored into the necro's poison/bone/summon skills like spirit/nova/poison minions :p And really outside 'White' and 'Bramble' what about blizzard coming up with a runeword(necro only) that rocks for pure summoners like a +skills/res/aura wand/head. Hmm speaking of teeth - why not give it a more %critical strike via investment into it like the barb weapon mastery hehe. No wait then we'd have a necro with highlord ammys lol Lastly maybe change the way summon resist work and give minions pdr/magic resist as well @@


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i like the idea of a 4 socket head. spirit in a head would be a great boost.

i personally would like to see the necro to lose the white mullet. c'mon now, the necro doesn't drive around in a camaro, sportin some tight acid washed jeans, and listening to skynard, does he?


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derekdoo said:
wait what curse reduces magic damage? and pnb necros are quite strong enough!
Back in 1.09 Lower Resist lowers magical resistance hence its like amp for your spirit/spears but o cos we didn't have synergies back then :p Now it only lowers elemental resistances and its a staple curse for Lord Of Mages, Venomancer, Summon/Poison necs i guess :D


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chicagobullit said:
i like the idea of a 4 socket head. spirit in a head would be a great boost.

i personally would like to see the necro to lose the white mullet. c'mon now, the necro doesn't drive around in a camaro, sportin some tight acid washed jeans, and listening to skynard, does he?
Actually, I don't mind the white mullet (if you could call it that), but it would be much cooler if the necro had a long white beard (or gotti) to go with it. Then he'd look more like the standard wizard/necromancer of myth. I'm surprised they didn't make a character with a beard in Diablo II.


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Skellies are good as they are at the moment, 8-13 (based on your +skills) are more than enough since you can support them with amp and a might merc. Skeletal Mage could do with more damage and a better AI so they don't try to tank those extra fast/extra strong/fana minions instead of the skelly warrior. And golems need a big upgrade, clay golem is ok as it is since it's a handy defensive meatshield. Blood Golem could do with a lot more damage. Iron Golem isn't that bad at the moment. Fire Golem needs to be able to absorb fire damage as it should be rather than just be immune to it. And of course, a very big boost in synergies, anything that eats up 100 points and makes you completely defenceless should be able to tank /players8 diablo clone for you.

I'd like to have an attract curse that's for your minions, that is you cast it on a monster and all your minions target it, cast it ont he ground and your army moves over there. Would be very handy :D but probably will never happen


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Remove Weaken, add Blood Mana. Yes, blood mana would only be useful pvp, but that's a whole lot more useful than weaken is.

Make Fire Golem's explosion damage scale per level and allow it to be synergized by his er...synergy. Sorta like Grizzly.


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!Make my IronGolem not disappear or "get lost" simply because I run too fast/long! I hate losing a good IG simply for not having a tip-toe necromancer. :mad:

New Synergies with obvious related themes:

-Weaken & Decrepify can be a synergy for each other improving radius and duration. Weaken should also be improved to ~60%DamageReduced without synergy. Perhaps be a "Prevent Monster Heal" curse while it is active too.

-IronMaiden & IronGolem can be a synergy for each other. IronMaiden could use higher damage returned and IronGolem could get a damage boost too.

-LifeTap can be a synergy for BloodGolem. BloodGolem could use some type of boost.


-Lower Clay Golem Slow %.
-"Make Corpse explosion do a little less damage. Kinda too good right now for an unsynnergised skill."
-"Make poison explosion viable."
-SkeletonWarriors "toned down", not offensively, but the things are near impossible to kill even in Hell without high +skills.
-For Golems "40 points into one minion, it should be my star player."
-Fix the Charged Item Marrowwalk Bug, or at least make BonePrison not be a synergy and improve the other BoneSpear/BoneSpirit synergies accordingly.
-Revives (and Paladin's Convert) should last longer.

I would make them weak again
I would be for that too if the other classes were also equally "weak".

Even with a decked out marrowed Bone Necro, Hell remains challenging.
Not from what I've read and heard.


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Hmm maybe remove Poison Explosion, and add 'Poison and Bone Mastery' enhancing P.Nova, P.Dagger, Spirit,Spear, Bone Armor and gives minions passive poison dmg :p Remove Golem Mastery ,making Fire Golem a lvl 24 minion with 'Fireshield' that absorbs fire and returns it to enemies and adding Summon Mastery at lvl 30 to enhance life,dmg,AR, etc of all summons :p For 20pts in BG maybe a golem that does ok dmg enuff to leech life back for itself or even add a passive bonus of lifeleech for all minions? Or x pts in Raise Skeleton allows one to summon x skellies with toning down of their present dmg/life so pure summoners would have a huge army with huge investment in the summon tree (20 in RS/SM/Magi or Golem/'Summon Mastery)? Lastly a Curse Mastery to increase duration/radius/effectiveness of all curses?


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1. A tether attached to your minions so they follow you when you want to run
2. Better minion pathfinding
3. A way to manually order skeletons and other minions to focus on one target (I can dream, that won't happen):lol:


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I agree, they should revert poison explosion to the radius/cloud duration that it had in previous patches. I'm sure at slvl 40+ a single poison explosion would be enough to poison all of baal's minions.