What would you do?


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What would you do?

Would this bow be worth upgrading to elite?

Rare Composit Bow
300% ED
11 Max
222 Ar
21 poisen/4 sec
lvl 48

Just seems like the coolest bow but the damage is a bit icky! hehe



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Nope, sorry.

IIRC, the max % dam on a rare is 450, that 300 isn't much, not to mention the other mods kinda suck, no ias or seckse mods like that.

Keep it til you find a better trophy (I like collecting high roll rares) or charsi it.



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If ED is the dominant mod on the weapon, and it's lower than 400, I really wouldn't upgrade it unless the other mods are really nice. I have a Thresher with 437% ED and 30% IAS, but I still don't use it or anything.. if it were exceptional I wouldn't upgrade it simply because I'd rather have the Um.