what would you do?


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what would you do?

so let's say you got a decent job, and a goverment job at that, yet you always wanted to do just one thing after getting your own answering machine to go with your phone line ... which is of course is to make a crazy message on it, what would you do? make it and ignore the chance that your employer might call you and hear it? or would you simply give up your dream?

i've always wanted to make a message on my answering machine with something along the lines of sounding like a female having sex with me and saying outright that i'm busy, and of course to leave a message after the beep. details, while laughable, would probably be too graphic. like jesus always asks ... what would you do?


I think it's a stupid idea. You might get a few giggles out of it but in the end you might piss off your parents, boss, siblings, ex's, etc.


My current answering machine message:

"Hello you've reached the home of [Anakha]... His answering machine is broken... this is the refrigerator. Please leave a message and I'll attach it to myself with one of these little magnets that looks like a pineapple! Thanks!"

Haven't been fired yet. :)


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*shrugs*.. sounds like a plan to me.. really after work hours.. your boss(s) have no control over what you do.. assuming it's not breaking into your place of employment.. :\ i vote yes on the sex message :thumbsup:



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Is the message for your home phone or your work phone?

Home phone: A-ok.
Work phone: You're begging to get fired/reprimanded.


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First thing would be to make sure I spell government correctly :D
Second thing would be to realize that since I have a government job, there really is no accountability, so I can do whatever the hell I want.
Third thing would be to realize that a humorous answering machine message is actually kind of trite and almost never hilarious, unless the people calling you are teenagers.


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I was thinking about this Sunday actually and I have a solution if this is possible. Just have it so when they get the answering machine they can either choose to press 1 for pleasure and 2 for business and have separate messages for each.


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Killfrenzy said:
i would just set a small animal on fire and run around the office in a viking helmet waving it around!
as long as u dont bring out that damn metal festivus pole, i'd be right alongside u, burning that animal

as for the message, i say go for it

i am not to be held liable if you, or any other person reading this, looses their job because of an answering machine message