What would you do with this circlet ?


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What would you do with this circlet ?

Found it yesterday and doesnt seem to be so bad...

+1 assassin skills
21-43 fire damage
6% mana stolen per hit
4% life stolen per hit
+38 to life
all resistances +18

Level req 40


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Frosty_The_Snowman said:
Compare it to Tal's Mask and you'll have your answer :grin: (unless you absolutely want this +1 assassin skills) !
So what are we comparing? The looks or what? :rolleyes:


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I'd make a thread about it and ask some fellow forum members, because I've got no idea :wink3:

bit more serious answer:
I'd not take it for dueling, ll and ml without any fcr or frw clearly is a pvm helm, however not many stay that level for long in pvm, limiting the useses of it. Might work for lvling for a while but isn't really that usefull.


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These things that are almost really good can be painful. It has little trade value, so it's either a use or sell type item.