what weapon should I use for my MF necro?


what weapon should I use for my MF necro?

I use this set up except weapon:

74% P topaz shako
nigma BP
change guard
30% nig
gold wrap
40% gheed
22% MF amulet(+1 necro skill) will replace with +3 summon MF amulet)
some MF sc

total about 350MF

for weapon

I can use Arm of King Leoric, HOTO or gull for 100MF.

Which one is better?


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if you can get it, try the blade of ali baba with two ist runes. it'll give more MF than the gull and also has GF on it, but lacks the +skills of AoKL and HOTO. just a thought.


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whoa, don't bother. After hitting like 270mf, you'll get diminishing returns meaning you won't be any better off after that point. Build your mfer around that number and try to keep on the best items and replace non needed items w/mf.

Shako Topazed-74
+3/mf ammy-30ish
mf small charm-7

That gives you 271 mf which is what you want and you can keep your weapon, shield, rings, belt, gloves, etc. No need whatsoever to go over that number, you WILL NOT benefit from going over.

Someone correct me if 270% mf is wrong, but I know for sure that diminishing returns starts after the 250's-280's.

For weapon, assuming your a summoner, use aokl or hoto. I used hoto for the res+fcr, but aokl isn't bad either if you put a +res jewel or something into it.