what weapon for WW duid


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what weapon for WW duid

Hey all,

quck question for ya. Should I use IK maul for a WW druid, or Cresent Moon runeword?

Rock and Rool :drink:

~Kazama Fury~

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IK Maul

if u want something fun, buriza, an upgrade one would be cool too.
buriza freezes, nice damage, and fends off Physical Immunes.


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Yeah you need a lot of on-weapon IAS for a good Druid weapon. IK Maul is an excellent choice.

Good luck!


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Hey all, thanks for the info, I just wormed my way up to level 76, got myself most all of the ik that my druid can wear (sans the ever elusive cage) and am LOVING my IK maul.

Could someone rate where I'm at with this WW druid?

Here's the specs

Helm: Jalal's
Armor: "Lionheart" duskshroud
Wep: IK maul
Wep switch: Ribracker (will up when I find a pul :p )
Gloves: IK
Boots: IK
Belt: IK
Rings: Manald/Ravenfrost
Ammy: Rare +2 summoning with some resists
anni charm

Stats I'm a bit sketchy on but around 210 base str, 100 base dex, 150 life or so, base nrg.

How's my equipment doing? what should I be looking for in items for the more end game? Also, my main concern now is what to socket my IK maul with. I used the wereform Calc and I'm at the 5 fps fury already. Should I try for ed jewels? something else fun? or should I shael it anyway because I'll probably pass it on to a baba when I'm done with this Druid...

Just some thoughts and questions, I appreciate all the help!