What was your most difficult or most frustrating moment in D2? der


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Nightmare Aciants i never forget. That 3 guys (spirits or whatever) kick my ... good 10 times before i kill them withmy Barb i was frustrating i kick my *** to kill them and i wasen't my neibor join the game and with his paladin it then was easy job.

From then i rearly chalnage the Anctians.


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My most frustrating moment is anytime I take any character from Nightmare Players8, in which I dominated, to Hell Players1 and get my arse handed to me in nicely gift-wrapped box.

I've done it a dozen times and I'm still amazed each and every time....


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Most frsutrating moment: Beating the Hell Ancients with my assassin - my first character to do so.

Hit alter. Get cursed. Die. Note to self: reroll if cursed.

Hit alter. Korlic Extra strong. Die. Note to self: reroll if Korlic extra strong.

Hit alter. Korlic PI. Reroll.

Reroll. Reroll. Reroll. Reroll. Die. Reroll. Kill Korlic, Talic is PI. Reroll. Reroll. Die. Reroll. Reroll.

Half an hour later I wonder if I'll ever get past them. Finally I got some manageable mods. I was wearing a Saracen's Chance and Talic got himself Iron Maiden'ed. That helped.

Most absurd moment: The Monday Night Paladin MP group ran into a FE LE Spectral Hit Extra Conviction Enchanted lag-o-porting Hephasto the Armourer. I think this picture says it all.



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Tough = Defeating hell ancheints the first time untwinked. That was hard and took quie a few attempts. Frustrating = getting my Tri sorc to Act 5 in 1.09 and then having a HDD failure on my old machine. Lucky i had a back up (about 20 levels earlier) but still frustrating.

1.10 nova sorc through hell -- now that was tough :teeth:


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more difficult ? easy, with my first sorceress in hell with anciens, no atma at this time ! and she was not perfect. so hurt = death. try and try and try and try and try..... and no playersX at this time. at the end I winned that was long long long and I did had to make leveling and find and gambling before.