What version?


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What version?

I've noticed a few inaccuracies and tried to be helpful and update one or two but then in a discussion on the SP forum it was pointed out that the information was correct for previous versions (1.09 in this case).

So, what version of D2 is the Wiki for, or should it be for all versions?

The simple answer would be the current version but there is already a good deal of information that may be correct for earlier versions, it seems a waste to remove it when it is correct. Of course, the question of previous versions is probably only of interest to SP players.


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Re: What version?

When I posted in the SP forum, I suggested giving the information and making a note of which version it was for.

So xxxx = 1.11b, yyy = 1.10s xxxx = 1.07


Re: What version?

things should be for the current version. v1.11 now, something else in the future, if they continue doing patches with major changes. Since a number of the pages in the wiki now are rough drafts that were pasted over from old site content, written during v1.09, those pages need updates both large and small.

v1.09 info is still useful since there are always people using older patch versions, but it should be identified as such. I've added disclaimers to a few of the older pages, the TCs and such, and put a v1.09 category tag on some other pages also.

Generally speaking, if it's just a small mention here or there on a page, then update it. If it's a whole page of stats or info that are about v1.09, then save it. name the page appropriately, if possible. note the 2 item generation tutorials, for instance.