what to upgrade next?


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what to upgrade next?

so i came back to d2 after playing wow since it released, and i had to start all over. i made an mf sorc of course and so far this is my gear. i am wondering what i should look to upgrade next. oh yes and i am lightning, just to make sure i didnt screw things up what would the ideal lightning tree skills be for mf?

tals ammy
2x perf nagel
war travs
chance guards
spirit monarch
annihilus charm

for the merc<

andys helm
infinity cryptic axe


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For pure Lightning there is nothing much to screw up.
Max Charged Bolt, Lightning, Chain Lightning, Lightning Mastery and then keep pumping Nova as last synergy.

I would also try to get a Sorceress Hellfire Torch, with either high attributes or high resistances, depending on your needs.


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unless I'm just missing somthing, how about a weapon? Even with hoto/eschuta your FCR looks kinda low.