What to socket in bonehew?


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Amn+Shael is a good move, thats what I did with mine, I used on a merc but will probably be using it on my Druid at some point.


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My experiences with bonehew.

With life leech on equipment and high enough str - ShaelShael Bonehew
With no life leech on equip and high enough str - ShaelAmn Bonhew

With life leech on equip and not enough str - ShaelHel Bonehew
With no life leech on equip and not enough str - AmnHel Bonehew

Hels can be replaced with -15% req jewels. Shael, and Amn are not very high level runes, and can be replaced easily. If ever you decide you no longer need life leech, taking the runes out may be an idea.


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I think everyone missed one thing:
Is this for your char? If so, what type?
Is this for your merc?

If it's for merc, and he can't meet str req, try a lionheart armor / bonehew (shael/shael or amn/amn) and a nice cot / tals mask.




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if its for your merc he needs 15% ias to hit the next framerate or 35% to hit the next 2 framerates. 2 shaels or 1 sheal/15ias jewel + andys visonage would do this. I'd say its worth going for, don't forget you can have ias jewels in your mercs helmet/armor, freeing a bonehew slot for an amn (leech).


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If it is for a mercenary, you'll most likely need a Hel rune (or an ethereal Bonehew) as the strength requirement is 195. I think a level ** mercenary has 191 strength, or about there.


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an eth bone hew would have 185 str because eths have -10 dex/str reqs. Also, the str of your merc could be dependant on the difficulty you hired them in. My merc was cruising around with an eth bone hew at lvl 80ish with no +to str items.