What to socket a WW/Trapper/Kicker helm with?


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Cute helm.
15/15ias it asap.

You'll want 2x runic with fury primary to get max kick speed with fade on.
With 2 sockets in the helm you could use feral claws but only 55 possible ias you need runic/runic to reach that last kick bp.


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If I use BoS, will I need Ias in the helm for max kick speed? What about my Trap laying speed using Fade? Another question. I've played a BvC and a Trapper. Which playing style would it be more similar to?


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Socket that with a 15/15 as wiz said for 9 Frame traps (with Runics or Feral/Runic).

I'm not sure on your exact claw setup and/or gear, so I can't give you a good idea for the kick speed. Look up the kick speed calculator and mess around with it. With Feral/Runic and x2 15 IAS jewels in the helm, my WW/Kicker had fastest kicks.

BoS will get you all your BPs, but your res and DR will be really low. You can get 9 frame traps with Fade, and you should.\\Congrats on the find btw.

Oh, and WW/Trapper is more like a BvC against most opponents. Exceptions would probobly be windies, hammerdins, wolf druids, running blizzard sorceresses and barbarians of all types.