what to put in my runemaster


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what to put in my runemaster

hi, i just found a runemaster ettin axe with 5 sockets and good stats...
i was planning to let my barb use it, but i dont know what to put in the sockets. i have 2 40/15 jewels, but what to do with the other sockets...
my idea was to get another 3 of them jewels to make a kickass damage/ias wep -> (its 267 ed now) it 'll be 467 ed and 75ias(whats highest speed on ettin axe?) plus it has the nice CBF mod, so i dont need ravenfrost anymore...
any of you got other good suggestions, let me know, thanx


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I'm assuming you have the wealth to support this.

Fill it with ED/IAS Jewels until you hit the BP needed for your build.

Whatever is left gets filled with Lo Runes.


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Good thread. Runemaster is one of my all-time favorite weapons, since it's so versatile. What you want to stuff in it depends on what you want to do with it. Here are a few ideas...

1-handed Axes simply SCREAM Tankazon to me, since Amazons (along with Barbs) have the fastest attack speeds in the game with them. Socket it for Damage and for Speed. Be sure to get a ton of Faster Block Rate on your shield (I mean a *TON*- Amazons with 1-handed swinging weapons have RIDICULOUSLY bad blocking rates).

Assassin is another class that's ridiculously fast with 1-handed Axes (just a frame or so behind the 'Zon and Barb). Tankassins aren't quite as popular as Tankazons, but Runemaster would certainly fit the bill if you ever made one. Also, an Eth-Eth-Eth-Eth-Nef Runemaster would make a remarkably good Blade Fury weapon.

I saw someone once dual-wield Runemasters on his "bling-barb" (i.e. lots of jewels). The nicest thing about Dual-wielding is that only IAS on your primary weapon counts... so if you socket 5 Shaels into this bad boy, you've got yourself a great speed weapon (which will greatly increase the speed of your secondary weapon, too) that still does solid damage. Another fun one would be an Elemental Barb- Stuffing the Runemaster with Shaels and elemental damage jewels and then pairing it with a Rift, Voice of Reason, or Gimmershreds. Also makes a phenominal Concentrator or Whirlwinder weapon.

Two Shaels and 3 Jewels of Fervor (85% IAS) will give you a weapon that attacks at 6fpa with Hunger whether in Bear Form or Wolf Form. If Fury's more your thing, then Runemaster will work, too. Unfortunately, you can't hit the 4-frame breakpoint, but 70% IAS in the sockets will give you a 5-frame Fury. I suppose it would also make a solid Meleementalist weapon, with lots of room for Fire Facets.

Not much going on here. There are better Meleemancer weapons out there, and non-meleemancers don't have any reason to equip something like this, anyway.

If you stuff it full of really high-end elemental damage jewels, Runemaster can make a great Conviction Zealot weapon. It would also be one of the best 1-handed Avenger weapons in the game, given the potentially huge damage and the Paladin's innately fast speeds with one-handed axes. Socket it for damage if you're going for an Avenger weapon.

Not really any great uses for Runemaster on a Sorceress. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Conclusion- Socket it with Resist Jewels, Elemental Damage Jewels, Enhanced Damage Jewels, Shaels, Eths, or Nefs, depending on what your build needs most.


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thanx for the reply's guys :smiley:

it's not eth but in my opinion it can do (almost) the same amount of dmg as an eth one, cuz instead of a Zod i can stick another 40/15 jewel or Lo in it... It won't make that much of a difference i think.


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and keep in mind that i'm keeping it myself, so i can make a Barb to wield it... i dont need an eth 1 if i have a good non eth version of it


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A zoded eth runemaster deals 50% more base damage which gets multiplied by %ed, that's far better than just 50% ed. IMO, if you can afford to spend 40/15s, better get an ethereal one, as it's not worth to put them into a noneth one.

You can also get a pair of noneth ones and insert Lem runes. A goldfind frenzy barb is fun !