What to put in Guillaume's for Uber smiter


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What to put in Guillaume's for Uber smiter

Hello all! I'm working on a smiter/zealot for Uber Tristram. What should I put in the Guillaume's helm? Here's the rest of my gear:

Fortitude armor
HoZ ist-ed (eventually I'll get a sanctuary shield, but this is the best I have at the moment).
Laying of Hands (Dracul's eventually but best right now)
Grief Phase Blade
String of Ears



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um -- never enough resistances :)

You have a source of life tap yet? That all that you seem to be lacking


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If you're short on light res, an ort. If not, may as well use a pruby. An um would be a bit of a waste IMO.


My smiter uses a PDiamond in the Herald, Um in Guillaume's, Dracul's, Credendum, Smoke (to be changed to COH), Goblin Toe, Highlord's, Ravenfrost, Dwarf Star. He has no Anni or Torch (because that's the intelligent way of building a PvM smiter), but with his charms he has 49% Lightning Resist with Meph's Conviction on him.

I can show you his stuff when I help you do Trist, assuming you're on Ladder. Check the help thread.


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Yeah, Uber Andariel spanked me but good today. I gotta get ahold of a pair of Dracs badly for the life tap. Thanks for the assist guys!

Eilo Rytyj

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I had a 15% resist, 4-12 cold dmg jewel that I threw in my uber zealot's Guill's. Basically an Um only better. Never forget you've got to stack at least 30 above max resist, and run Salvation to stand up to uber Meph with decent resists.


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I balanced the resists of my zealot with charms (i.e. I need the same amount everywhere to max all of them) and put an Um rune into his helm (Guillaume's as well BTW). That makes him more versatile with his equipment . However, if you just need to stack resistances versus the Ãœbers, adding to lightning res might be enough, although it might be worth it to overstack fire res as well, as Meph's skeletons can wear you down as well, in particuler when Meph refuses to come out of the town square before he summoned a hundred minions.

I for myself prefer to give CoH to my paladin, replace Gheed's and 3 mfsc's by allres GCs and put another two of them into the space which I leave free to pick up stuff. That adds 125% allres which is just the amount Meph's aura eats up and nothing in Tristram can seriously endanger him anymore. The dangerous part is OKs around Izual.

It doesn't make sense to use a single res jewel on a non-weapon, as it can't be better than Tal/Ort/Ral/Thul anyway, except it has a second mod.


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Um is a cheap alternative, otherwise go with a 15% IAS 15% Res All Jewel :grin: ! As long as you need IAS to reach that last Smite BP of course :wink:.


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Hey - thanks for the assist - guys!! The chains of honor seems like a nifty idea. As i understand it, the 200% ed will apply to all the Ubers as they're demons versus the 300% on the fortitude. But I'll pick up another 40 resists everywhere, eh? I'm a little confused about the stacking resists, though. You want them way above 75? Even though you're capped there? What will Meph slash off of them? I'm guessing that if Meph shaves off 100, but you're fifty points about the 75 cap, then you'll wind up with 25 pts in positive territory?


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Meph takes off 125%. All my Uber runners are designed to have 70%+ to all resists after Mephy's Aura (better safe than sorry). I use Treachery as a pre-buff to give +60% all resists and 15% additional DR.

By "overstacking" your resists, you will still be capped at 75% (more if granted by gear), but anything that would normally lower those resists will be countered by the amount of overstacking you have. Even in normal play, it's not a bad idea to have slightly overstacked resists to combat "lower resist" or a low level "conviction" aura.

With a Grief PB, and 50% CB, you don't need any additional damage, so another easy source of +resists would be to swap out a few GCs. How unnecessary are those damage charms? I don't even use Fort or CoH on my Uber killing pally.

BTW - My Guillame's is Um'd too.