What to put in a Gut Siphon?


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What to put in a Gut Siphon?

Yup, that's right. A Gut Siphon. :-/

The build is a Freezing/ Explody xbow amazon.

Maxed out Freezing arrow/Explody, now focusing on Penetrate and fire arrow.

Stats are like:

dex: 191
vit: 130
ene: base

gear is like this:

Gut siphon
Nosferatu's coil
Sandstorm trek
eye of elitch
Lionheart Great Haubrek
a +2 P&M ml rare gloves
a ml, + resist all ring
a +2 zon skills, +8ml, +10 resist tiara.

charms are some cold sc, shimmerings and a steel gc of sus.

merc is act 5 using a rare eth swd.

So looking at the build, what should be in the xbow?

Knockback? ed? or what?

The last breakpoint is already hit with the ias from belt btw. And I use demon limb for ar and additional fire damage. Resists are positive.


PS: Please do not ask me to change the xbow to anything else.

Style >>>> Normalcy in any case for me. :lol:


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if monsters are gettin close to you all the time than knockback.
however im always partial to ed and if you really want stylepoints put a pdimond in it lmao.


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I would put there either Nef for knockback or Eth for reduced defence (thus better chance to leech).
BTW your Chi is stylish :thumbsup:


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How about crafting some knockback gloves (hard I know for all the right mods ..) and thus free up having to slap in a nef? You could then put an El in there ... just kidding.


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I'd use Nef only if you strafe with it. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with that rune. Knockback for single target attacks just isn't that useful.

Next best option in my book is a perfect skull for some mana leech. Well, life leech is nice, too, but you already have a lot of that on the xbow itself.

An Eth is another option but I doubt you have AR issues.


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Vex, or Cham. :p Seriously, though, I'd go with a Pskull for mana and craft some knockback gloves to get that mod.