What to do with this...


What to do with this...

Storm Casque Circlet
28 Defence

2 Barb skills
30 Faster run
8 Maximum damage
104 Attack rating
24 Life
13 To all Resists

Such good stats... but so worthless.


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One of my friends throwers used a similar circlet on his thrower. I think he was trying to desynch his thrower but he wasn't ever very good at desynching. :laugh:



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I think to the right person that circlet would be worth a lot.If you happen to find someone message me I have one almost identical:grin:


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4 slots on a mule.. I always used to save crap like that and hope the right opportunity of use would come eventually

eth reapers toll.. and my friend told me to sell it to charsi.. ..too bad it expired though :|