What to do with this Amazon


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Long Version:

In the effort to make a new hardcore javazon, I started questing through normal using a lot of twinked gear (arctic set/jewels of envy combo, rare javs, then Skystrike bow), and made it to the Frigid Highlands WP without spending hardly any skill points. As the points added up I started wondering if I wanted to make a javazon at all. I still do, but seem to have this great opportunity to play a different build, as well.

I have one Amazon guardian'd that uses Frozen Arrow/Immolation Arrow. I wouldn't mind using one of those as a backup, but even if I go with Javazon I might do lightning/poison just for something different. I have a Thunderstroke javelin and an Eaglehorn bow in my HC stashes, so two decent weapons to graduate into (I do not have many runes).

The only skills I've invested in are one point for Inner Sight, Slow Missiles, Decoy, Critical Strike and Penetrate.

With 32 unspent skill points at level 34, what should they get dumped into?

Short Version:

I have a level 34 amazon with 32 unspent skill points (one point in Inner Sight, Slow Missiles, Decoy, Critical Strike and Penetrate), and pretty standard stat distribution so far: 55 str, 90 vit, 60 dex (20-30 unspent stat points).

What build should I go with?
  1. Javazon (stick to the script, don't be a hero)
  2. Bowazon (I do have an Eaglehorn in my HC stash...)
  3. Spearazon (do something a little different)
  4. Passivezon (do something really different)
  5. None of the Above (make a suggestion already)


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Are you playing 1.13 or a previous version? If you can't respec then you'll need to be more cautious about how you proceed and commit to one build. You could obviously go any way here (bow/javazon) so I guess it depends on which way you find more enjoyable to play. From experience I find the Javazons to be a bit more durable in Hell by going dual poison and lightning and usually don't require great gear to kill quickly and safely, provided you've balanced the poison and lightning effectively.

A passivezon can always work if you are looking for a challenge to just complete the game, but it's not a build for generating wealth. I'd also dare say it's not even all that much safer than a Javazon because of the lack of good crowd killer skills. For a spearozon I'd want something pretty awesome before attempting that (Death/Fortitude).

I guess you just have to decide how much of a challenge you want to take on.


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For a spearozon I'd want something pretty awesome before attempting that (Death/Fortitude).
Well if by 'spearazon' OP means Charged Strike + Lightning strike (or whatever this chain lightning melee stuff is called) you'll need totally different and much cheaper equipment :3

The build is fun, go for it!
Also, plain passivezon is kinda boring. Try something even more different - like, use a Kingslayer runeworded weapon for Vengeance skill, or get a Beast war scepter and use it for Werebear skill :)
But still, if choosing between lightning spearazon and all kinds of passivezons alltogether, i'd pick spearazon.


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It depends on what your goals are and which resources you have.

If you are poor (which I haughtily consider somebody who doesn't have or cannot afford a Faith GMB of WF, a Fortitude armor end a couple of key uniques, set items and rares :)), I would do a LF+CS+LS javazon first and a bowazon later.

If you want to become less poor, I suggest to put this on ice for now, start a cold sorc and do Meph and Pits a few thousands of times.


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Thanks for the replies. I like the gunslinger idea. Spearazons always sounded very fun to me (run around and stab things with a giant lightning spike), but never taken one far into the game.

Most runewords are not real possibilities for me - I don't use rune-word mod and have never invested enough time to find lots of HRs. My last javazon attempt died with a near perfect Prudence armor, which was one of the better runes I had (although I did find a Lo recently). So yes, my resources for end-game are limited and I can't "afford" many things some find common-place.

The goal is to have fun; hopefully get another Guardian. Doing runs is only marginally fun, and I tend to play a fair amount of untwinked characters. When I get back into this one she'll have some supplied gear but will also be finding/purchasing some useful items in Hell.