What to do with my summoner?

What to do with my summoner?

I have finished maxing out my main skills:


I have one point in CE and am putting one point in the curses up to lower resist. Where do I go from there? Bone armor? Here is my gear

Dream helm
2x 10% fcr rings
trangs belt
beast with cta on switch
will be getting +3 necro summon amulet
trangs gloves
+2 skele mastery marrows

+1 summon charm
necro torch

I was thinking of using shako and giving the helm to my merc, but I like the resists from it, although I can um my shako. Any thoughts? Thanks!


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Get the pre-reqs needed and put 1 point into revives. Where you put your remaining skills really depends on how you want to specialize. You can use some 1 point golems and crank up golem mastery or you can max CE for serious crowd control. If you haven't dropped a point into "summon resists" you should do that. I like putting 1 point in bone armor just to catch the occasional stray arrow, but if you have max block it's optional.

Also, I'd switch to the Shako and give the Dream to the merc.
I did the one point into summon resist and revive :) Too bad golems stink :( I could throw a point into the poison tree just for some added dmg from the +skills ...not sure what else to do