What to do with my cd/cdr collection?


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What to do with my cd/cdr collection?

I'm online for somewhat more than 6 years IIRC, owned a cd burner almost as long, and this is the result: I have:

- A collection of 25-50 unsorted CDR, most not even labeled that contain random backups from my harddrive. Many of the files exist on several disks.
A lot of those files are absolutely not worth saving, but others are.

- A collection of 50-75 Pc-Mag demo discs, the oldest somewhere around 96

- A collection of 50-75 Pc-Mag full version games

- A collection of Movies CDR, most zipped into two pieces as my burner did not support 700mb until i discovered the power of firmware updates :clap:

- A brand new multiformat, highspeed dvdburner, that burns a dvd/R in 1/4 the time my other burner needs to burn a cd/R :eek:

- The will to start sorting things out, and the freetime to do so

So what I need is input. Should I keep old Demo disks for the odd day I might want to test some old stuff. Should I reburn the Movies or just throw them away? To be honest I never watched one of those twice. I also could use a programm to help me sort through those backup disks, helping me filtering dupes out, advanced file searching etc
I also need fast and easy way to destroy a cd with no risk of hurting myself, the method should be safe enough that i can throw the cds to waste without having to fear "joe averange waste guy" reads my data.
Break into halfes with gloves on?

so input welcome :rolleyes:
Well throw away the old demo disks, theres no need for them, and i would quickly go throw the backup disks, check for anything you still need, and keep that, the rest can be thrown away.
I also have movies on CD, and i occasionally watch them, might as well keep them in a box somewhere in case.
As for destroying the CD's, i recommend the firework method. Stack all the CD's so the hole down the middle is tall enough to put a small firework in the middle. make sure it has a slow burning fuse, and then tape up the top of the stack and run back as far as you can (inside if possible). It goes bang, and with a bit of luck, you wont cut anybody's head off in the process.
Ive doen this with small fireworks and it works about half the time. I find it best if you have a small gap at the bottom for air, so the fuse doesnt go out.


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"A brand new multiformat, highspeed dvdburner, that burns a dvd/R in 1/4 the time my other burner needs to burn a cd/R "

I'd throw everything out but this.

Scissors to cut CDs, assuming you're allowed use one...


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Throw away the demo disks and the backups you don't need.

As for the full games..you can give them away to some person that might play them or try to sell them. Or send them to me:)


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Cut edges into the cd's to make them like razor-blade shurikens. Chuck them to scare away the people that are chasing you. Such as children. Or homeless people.

Donate a few to charity.

Slap a cd-label on it and try to trade it in as a new PS2 game.

Use a knife to make them into spiral-like toys. Amaze your friends.

Build a house out of them.

Put one on a pen and see how well you can spin it without having the pen fly off. For dramatic effect, do this on top of a very high building. That way, each failed attempt puts a life at risk.

Make heart-shaped cut outs and give them to your loved one. Or parents. Alternatively, try to fold a crane out of one cd. ...You have to be creative with this one. CD airplanes are for the weak.

Oh, and fire. Always fire. CD's + fire = great idea. In fact, just about anything + fire = great idea. So yeah, try applying something small at first, like a match. Then work your way up to things like home-made dynamite, napalm... you get the idea. If you're really eccentric, you'll pour vodka on your CD cut outs and ****, then set the whole thing on fire.


You know, I just might try some of the above myself. Nobody listens to my sister's music anyways.


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I break ****ty disks and use them in the woods as trail markers.

Always point them north or somethin.


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Things to do w/ ur cds:
-Microwave 'em (good stress reliever)
-Frisby (love that other guyz idea of shuriken...i'ma try that)
-replace parents china wear with them
-put on roads/highways
-cut them up, put them in a precarious spot so they will fall every where.
-bring it over to someone elses house and put peanut butter on bottom, put in cd drive
-tape/glue them all over your door.
-mix them with others' cds
- just pitch at walls, watch them explode
-actually use them for cd burning
-store viruses on them, send to random people/school comps
-put under peoples pillows, and leave a stupid note.
(wow 1/2 of these are retarded, but what the hell, i'm bored)


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Why would you want to get rid of your backups? Think the RIAA is going to search your house?


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gismo said:
Why would you want to get rid of your backups? Think the RIAA is going to search your house?
nah don't think so... well the legal issue is not the main one. Of course having warez you don't use, floating all around your house isn't the most clever thing to do.

But the main reason is a practical one, like recently a friend asked me if I could send him a copy of my application for community services. I knew I still had it, on one of the backup disk :rolleyes: Took half an hour+ to find the damn document. Finally found it between two gbc roms on savedisk8... Did I mention those discs are somewhat random ;).

Now on those destroying ideas: I really like the input, especially the firework one... overkill rules :uhhuh:

So tomorrow i'll
- destroy demo discs
- take full games out of their cases, and store them in a space-saving way
- maybe write a oofice file with full game names
- turn all savecds in on usefull savedvd, destroy cds

not sure about the movies yet though, and step 4 will likely not be too easy... I don't think I can do it without reading every stupid document :spy: