What to do with Meleemancer...


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What to do with Meleemancer...

My meleemancer has hit lvl 52, act 2 of nightmare. I have at least one point in every curse, and have maxed bone armor and bone wall (not putting anything into bone prison to take advantage of marrowalk).
Does anyone have any thoughts on what to do with the rest of my skill points? I want to keep him a pure melee char, no summoning spells. There doesn't seem to be a point in putting any more points into curses, wouldn't do much. Thanks.


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At least one point into corpse explosion (if this is "allowed" in your melee build). And a few points into poison dagger to get the ar bonus (you get it even though you don't use a dagger).


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melee, you shall try bowa/melee/dagger/poison/skelly/trangsfire-mancer mix.

it is possible. trust me, I am building one, gone is the trademark bone spirt / spear attacks but come with this very very flexible build.

skill point, simply SW(19), SM(19), Poison tree(max), one in BArmour, one in Clay, one in GM, one in Summon resist, one in all curse but attract and confuse.

Gear trang partial set: (less helm) this way you would not turn into vampire hence no vam bugs. Resist is nice.
Partial Angelic set, ammy and rings for ar.
Boot: marrow walk <this is for the bone prison bonus on BA. extra 495 BA
helm, open for debate, trang helm when non boss, shako / gaze for boss. I am also thinking of gilliam's face for Crashing Blow

weapon set 1: malice fanged knife for 100% OW (or Wiz spike for resist) with trang's head
weapon set 2: bow or what ever you fancy really, I use bursia or teleport staff.

Stat points:
strength, on my build, the highest req is marrow walk at 118.
dex, max block with trang's sheild. I think 263.
vita rest.
eng base

merc, I am thinking of holy freeze or might. up to you. holyfreeze is more defensive with decap and clay, enemry also immobile. might is offensive, skelly kill faster.

now check out the mod of attack, you can:

melee with whatever you get for weapon using the AR from angelic set and poison dagger bonus. as long as you can use it you shall hit. at low level try out clagclaw set, very very cool with Life tap.

melee with Poison malice dagger, 100% OW and synergied poison damage bonus. dont forget to Lower resistance first.

Bowa with whatever bow you want to try out, strength is you limit here. or have a slot for what ever you want to try out, have rib cracker or lightsabre, just have fun with the second weapon.

Poison Nova / explosion like a poison mancer. I heard you can make like 7-8k damage easy.

Trang fire, have not try it fully yet, but fireball and metor synergy so when you have 4 pieces you should do rather well.

Skellimancer, dont you just love skelly in 1.10?

Down side

althought this is not as streched as boner with summon, there are still some down side,

1 we are banking on the Dagger AR bonus and Marrow walk bug foreverly exist.
2 whrere are the mages and revives?


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What exactly does the dagger bug work? I wasn't planning to use any dagger or poison skills, running around now with:

Guillaume's Face
Sander's Taboo (yeah, I know I need better, wearing for increased attack speed)
Crow Caw
String of Ears
War Travelers
Raven Frost
Doom something (rare ring that gives +15 to res and a few other things)
Cat's Eye
and swinging Grim's Burning Dead Grim Scythe, because I found one and it was to cool to think of a necro running around slicing people with it.

Waiting for about 10 levels to I can start wearing Marrowalks, Chains of Honor, and Highlords Wrath.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be apprecaited, and thanks for all the imput.


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Pdagger bug, you will get the AR bonus even using other weapon then dagger.

say level 1 PD you get + 30 ar when using dagger, bizz programmer forgot to read the second half and so you get +30 ar using what ever weapon you like even bow.

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corwise said:
There doesn't seem to be a point in putting any more points into curses, wouldn't do much.
Are you comfortable with a 1.75 sec DV on Hell? No, ofcourse not so pump so points there. Get Decrep up to max. Pump Attract some.