what to do for CIs?


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what to do for CIs?

is there any wep my merc can use or something i can have on switch for CIs? im a blizz sorc and all i can do is static them


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Double Hel a Bonehew, put it on your sorc's switch, and use the CE charges on corpses to kill CIs. Only works when there are none or a couple of players in the game.

Equip Spellsteel on your sorc and use the Decrepify charges on CIs to help your merc kill them faster.


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Apart from that you can also use Telekinesis for single bosses, which are harder for for your Merc to kill. They will be held in stasis by the knockback and won't be able to attack.


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Blizz sorcs are really limited in what they can do. If you need to take on few weak monsters it can work. All the above advice is good, but aimed at working for a few isolated cases like these I believe. This isn't really a viable way to kill more then the occasional sporadic boss in the ancient tunnels or maybe wave 2 in baal runs.

But there is nothing you can do to allow you to run in the open, except teleport around them. If you want to be able to kill everything in the game, you'll need a different char (like blizzballer or meteorb).