What the...?


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What the...?

I am very happy with this class-specific spear Baal just dropped, but when I checked on arreat summit, it said it's a ladder only item. If I'm playing 1.11b single player, how did i get this item? Also, tell me what do you think about it (is it any good?):azn:
Sorry but I don't know how to attach the picture so here are the stats only:
Matriarchal Spear
Two-Hand Damage: 241 to 353
Durability: 17 of 28
(Amazon Only)
Required Dexterity: 142
Required Strength: 114
Required Level: 64
Spear Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 75
Fingerprint: 0x315c3a35
+272% Enhanced Damage
+417 Defense
All Resistances +36
Adds 101-187 magic damage
+1 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)


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felt the same way when i got my 1st cereberus bite..apparently ladder items only can drop in SP..save for annihilus n torch..
unique armor/wpn upgrades work for SP as well=)
EDIT:haha too late=)


All ladder only items (and recipes) except for the annihilus and the hellfire torch charms, the body parts of the 3 prime evils (used in the Uber Trist quest) and the group of 1.10 runewords including Insight, Grief, Spirit, Oath etc are available in unmodified legit SP. That includes the keys of hatred/terror/destruction as well.

That spear you have there is not bad, but I don't see many places it can be used in twinked play. Maybe on switch for a pure Lightning zon, against PIs and the mana leech?

Edit: all hail the slow and elaborate post! :undecided:


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Gee I am so embarassed...I thought ladder items could drop only in ladder online games. And I thought I got lucky with that spear I got, when it's not that good at all...:embarassed:

Now that I'm here...I can't help but ask what do you think of this magic sword (it looks good to me just like that spear, but apparently I can't tell the worth of an item; you guys will know whether it's any good far better than I will)? Could it be good for some medium-lvl char?
Cruel Elegant Blade of the Ox
One-Hand Damage: 123 to 168
Durability: 27 of 32
Required Dexterity: 122
Required Strength: 109
Required Level: 47
Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x81e350ed
+9 to Strength
+275% Enhanced Damage


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it's nice if you play untwinked, but the "cruel" prefix is a bit low. I think it is something like 250-300% Edamage


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The Atlantean
One-Hand Damage: (54-63) To (129-150) (91.5-106.5 Avg)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 127
Required Dexterity: **
Durability: 144
Base Weapon Speed: [0]
+200-250% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+2 To Paladin Skill Levels
50% Bonus To Attack Rating
+75 Defense
+8 To Vitality
+12 To Dexterity
+16 To Strength
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Just make comparisons to Uniques and Set items to note how much stuff is worth.

The damage is slightly suckier, even if the roll on the ED was high. Although this is technically one grade lower (in terms of tier) than that. =\ Would you use this?


It has the nice Cruel prefix, but the +9 str doesn't do much, and it's a blue item (ie. 2 affixes max) to start with. If you have nothing better at the moment, or if you're making a weird theme character, go for it. Otherwise, I'm sure you'll have found many better alternatives by the time you decide to twink this on a character.

Edit: The problems with the Stoneraven are that
1. There are very few builds that use spears as weapons. 1-handed throwing spears not only give more flexibility, but also allow you to use a shield. Of those that do use spears (mainly Jab and Fend using builds), there are other very nice alternatives, often more effective than the Stoneraven (ie. Hone Sundan for Jabbers, Kelpie Snare for Fendazons etc.)
2. It's slow.
3. Except for the rather good enhanced damage, it has poor rolls.

#1 being clearly the most important among the 3. However, as I've said before, it might be a good switch weapon to jab with on a LF zon (to leech mana or against LIs).