What the hell is happening with hardcore


What the hell is happening with hardcore


i always played softcore and normally gave up playing when i had the BOTD and the enigma. this time i decided to up the challange and play Hardcore only. following advice i created my first character the obvious Fishymancer but have had problems ever since. i play on the Euro server and i have found that noone is playing on NM there were 13 people playing across three games.

has it always been like this. i really do not want to go back to SC but what else can i do.


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I think all the hc realms are pretty much dead now excepy east. Sorry about that man. Maybe you can find a way to play on East without lagging too bad.



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Its the TPPK!

There are probably more people playing then you can see, but they are all playing in password protected games because TPPK is completely out of control and there is no point in playing in public games so you can get your *** handed to you.



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even worse now

now theres some 'killbot' thingy out too.. there are lots playing, but as said before not in pubs. how many games are usually listed in nm on east? just curious.

i play most days a bit europe hc ladder



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I play on Euro HC too. Because of TPPKers ppl tends to stop playing in public beyond normal. The best way to get around this is trying to gather a group of friends and play together in private games.


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I'd guess on east there are only about 5,000 individual active HC players.

I have no reason for that number, but it's my guess. Of which we "op xbananax" compromise about 50?


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Go check out Amazon Basin. They have private server and you don't have to worry about PK or TPPK.

People are very friendly there too.


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On all servers, there are no NM games. NM games are where it's legitimate to have 60 - 70's still leveling on baal, and 40s just starting to baal. This leads to those high levelers TPPKing all the new NMers.

Once you get to hell, there will be more games, but not for leveling/questing. THey will mostly be trade advertising games.

HOWEVER! There are a TON of good games going on in the background. You have to make friends. When I came back about 3 months ago, I knew nobody. Once you find a couple friends, and play with their friends, you'll always have someone to quest/level/MF/Rush with. Eventually you'll be in a little community of players that help each other and have a great time. Although I've been terribly busy with school, msg me if you're ever on east *pete2s.

And don't give up! It's tough when you just start. You'll die, and have no one to chant you through 25 then rush you to 70 in a couple hours. You'll have no gear help from anybody. You'll be TPPK'd because you have to trust others to grind out the levels in public games. But in the end, it'll be worth it.