what the hell i do wrong, help me out here


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theseus said:
i have the exactly the same problem, wheni create a new character i get to about lvl 30 -40 and can't do anything cos i can't kill anyone in nm, and hardly any one can be bother rushing you through act 2. And there isn't enough people on non ladder USEast to get enough people to kill duriel and find the staff.(same thing happened in Hell)
i also hate starting a new character cos it takes to long to lvl up. unless ofcourse there is 8 people in the game but that hardly ever happens.
After making 5 successful builds in the ladder there is one thing I've learned the hard way: knowing where to level up the fastest. This means being able to kill the monsters that will give you the most XP in the quickest amount of time. It is not a good idea to move into Nightmare mode until you are at least level 40, and into hell mode until you are at least level 60. Unless you have really uber gear or using a hammerdin you are being very unrealistic. I make my moves to nightmare at level 50, and hell, 73, respectively (to be able to use Stormshield).

My last character, now a level 82 barb, took approximately 12 hours to get from level 1 to 80. I started level 1 Friday night and was level 80 before I slept Saturday evening. The first 24 levels is the hardest to get by that took about 4 hours, 3 hours of that was from level 13-24. (@ 24 do ancients to get to 25 quickly). Yes, if you know where to level you can make a level 13 in just about 1 hour. From 26-40 (3 hours) just keep on doing normal baal runs, 40-70 (3 hours) nightmare baals and 71-80 hell baals (1 hour).

The most difficult thing is to find good baal groups, and I was just lucky with my barb that there were some really good groups that weekend. Once you find a good group, stick to it until you reach the optimum level XP ceilings before you move on to the next mode of difficulty.

I am starting a zon tonight and see if I can get to at least level 60 before I sleep tomorrow night.

You play on USEast Ladder right? What is your account name? If you want I can rush you for free or help you get past difficult quests.


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i believe he was talking to me, i am actually on both uswest and east, but my account on east disapeared a few weeks ago. Basically i'm starting a new char on USeast, are you on ladder? my account name is ice_tdk. thanks