What the frell is this?

What the frell is this?

hey all. I was doing a little surfing, and came across this unusual stuff on a site called spynets.com, or something. lists thousands of cheats for thousands of games, like every xbox, psii, puter game out there. anyway, i found this..anybody seen this before, or know what the hell it is? i never played before 1.09, so maybe this is something old school. thanks.

and btw: any other 1.09 only players out there left besides me? if so, pm me and maybe we can get together and do some trading or playing. peace. :drink:

hi. Yep, I left out the most important part of my post! damn alcohol. anyway, here it is:Good weapons

the code is about to how to get good weapons

Necromancers Weapon

To attain Necromancers ultimate weapon the STROKE OF DEATH please do the following:

Summon one of each of the golems
Cast a bone spirit
Then die.
After you respawn, type in the phrase: THEDARKMUSTFEED Look in your inventory and you will have the Stroke of Death

Paladin weapon

To attain Paladins ultimate weapon the HOLY AVENGER please do the following:
Cast the following spells in this order: Meditation, Prayer, Concentration, Prayer, Prayer, Meditation, Concentration, Medidtation.
Then kill a monster using the spell, Hand Of God
Look in your inventory and you will have the Holy Avenger!

.....this is what I found on some webite, where there were thousands of cheats listed for thousands of games, some brand new, some old. anyway, if anybody has seen this before, let me know. thanks. :drink:


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I think it's safe to say what you have read are pure BS. There are lots of people digged the MPQ file inside out, and haven't found those things. If it's not in the MPQ files (game data files), I'd say they are not there.

It's just like the secret cow level back in Diablo 1


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Serdash said:
Especially seeing as paladins don't have the spell, 'Hand of God'.
Well wasn't Fist of the Heaven called Hand of god in ealier beta? But yeah what you read is totally BS.