What swords are best for LastWish and Grief?


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I am wondering because i got one of the most GG drops EVER.

After my fair share of LK runs to get hoto,cta,crescent moon and fortitude i got obsessed of farming HRs.

I tried everything besides LK and I am amazed of what other riches lie in the world of diablo, shit.

Got 3 Jah runes in a matter of 12 hours of gaming, alongside 2-3 Mal's, 1 Gul, 1 Um, 3 Pul, 3 Lem and some lesser ones like Fal, Lum. All these in the 12 hours of gaming. And that's not all. I got 2 Jah runes to drop at the same tame. They were just laying there on the floor alongside some Super Mana Pots and few Scrolls. Yup I got a double Jah to drop. How ****in' crazy is that ?!

I am too hyped about this and really needed to share with someone who can understand my excitement. I've started playing a month or so with my light sorc in Single Player <banned mod removed> Mod 1.13c ( I think). I will try to attach a photo, but I shit you not this just happened.

And since them 3 Jahs form a Last Wish I would love a barb ( favourite class ) to wield one alongside Grief. Are Superior Phase Blades the way to go ? I sure hope so coz they look the most badass.

I would love some thoughts on this drop and base for runewords.

p.s. where do I find screenshots ?


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