What spear or javs for spearazon?


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What spear or javs for spearazon?

im in the process of making a light strike/charge strike spearazon (jab for light immunes) and im trying to figure out the best weapon for me to use. i have a 179% ed lycanders flank and a 186% ethereal titans. im not sure if these are the best choices for my build but im trying to figure out what is. i am non-ladder btw so i can't use some of those ladder only items.

thanks for any help.


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Those are fine to use, but either upgrade the Lycanders (if on Ladder) by the time you hit Hell Diff or use something like a +4 Arioc's needle. Personally, I use a +4 Thunderstroke for my Jav (I use it for Jab and LS) , but Titan's is the popular choice for Javazons who use LF (not me, and apparently not you either) since it replenishes. Thunderstroke works great for a LS zon, especially if you want something different.


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the best javelin are etheral titans and the best spear for switch is etheral botd warpike :D its the best but expensive chose :p


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thanks for the input. i have the runes to make a botd but im saving them till i can get a hold of an ethereal zerker axe for my pally (i can still dream). i also thought about just using the vex rune to make a hoto flail for my wind druid im making soon.

i guess ill use the ethereal titans with lycanders flank on switch. id also like to try out the ariocs needle though to see what that can do. also, if i use titans what shield would you suggest? storm? tiamats? whistans?


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I recently created a Javazon myself. She probably has about 36 hours into her, but sadly she is only level 71. My equipment is as follows:

Weapon: Ethreal (168% E.D.) Titans/Lycanders (195% E.D.) Flank

Armor: Currently: " Lionheart " Archon/ Arkaine's Valor (Um)

Helm: Vampire Gaze (Um)

Gloves: Laying of Hands

Boots: War Travelers (29% MF)

Belt: Thundergod's Vigor

Shield: Tiamat's Rebuke (Perfect Diamond) (If you can afford Stormshield, by God use it!)

Amulet: Cat's Eye (At the moment)/ Mara's Kaleidoscope

Ring: Raven Frost/ Skull Grasp (Crafted ring)

Charms: Variety

Note: I own with my Javazon. This has been by far, the most fun and powerful build I've ever attempted! She is a LF/LS/CS Javazon. (Mainly LF)
I made her for PvM/PvP so everything else besides equipment is a secret. ;)
Good luck!

Note #2: Truthfully, with Ethreal Titans, Tiamat's Rebuke, and Jab you don't need the switch spear (Lycander's Flank) at all!


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I would think the absolute best spear would be an BotD eth mat pike with +3 jav/spear skills. Did I mention I have several eth unsocketed mat pikes for trade? :)


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If you have a Lycanders and Titans, go ahaed - you are all set.

I am using a Demons Arch Balrog Spear (is this non ladder as well? Not sure). Its the only decent spear I have (present from a friend). But even before that, with a rare ceremonial jav, the CS/LS build worked like a charm


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Try Using a Passion Matriarch Pike (+3 jav) on switch. Berserk is awesome for few light/phys immunes. I do about 4K berserk dmg on my speary with a might merc. Also, you will be safe from IM while berserking