what song makes you wanna boogie


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what song makes you wanna boogie

ever get that feeling you really want to shake that ass and dance?,

what song turns your dancing moves on?, mine is a classic

Billie jean by micheal jackson

dig that moonwalk


Johnny said:
Men do not dance.
Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He doesnt dance......Heck he can barely move.
Lol, replace 'men' with 'meatbags' and you're on to something.

As for me...oh just about anything with a strong rhythm and off I go. I can't even walk around with a mp3 player without taking the occassional dance step. ;)


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Karaoke...Japan's revenge for the A-bomb

The one song that always makes me want to jump up in front of strangers and sing is "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones. I have absolutely no idea why that song has such power over me but it does.