What skills on White base?


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BSpear is clear (well, except for a bonesummoner where spirit might be wiser)

decrep saves 4 points
lifetap is very usefull and saves another 2 (AD is already counted in the dec-tree)

maybe Revive would be a very good mod? (saves like what? 5 points or so)

the target necro would be either lvl 99, so there are a lot of points available, but summon/boner eats alot, so every point counts

also: do the skels even matter dmg wise? or is it enough to have a healthy walking barrier to make for example Archon-Runs or Pit-runs

Also: is +1/+1 on 2 skills better then +3 on one? (for the pointsaving skills)

Lifetap is as efficient at lvl 1 (more likely lvl ~8 with +skills) and dec only gets duration, so..?