what skills for a vindicator?

Lmao, its gonna be awesome if thats the new excuse to be lazy: "the faqs are down and its all ur fault so help me!" That couldn't have been less constructive..but o well. :uhhuh:


you guys are ****ing fags. just because its down one second doesnt mean it cant get back up again.
That made no sense, b2p :bow:

Do the guides really go down and back up again in 4 minutes? It's not sarcasm, I really dont know. There was a 4 minute difference in b2p's and PoopyPants' post so yes... :uhhuh:

My comment wasnt aimed totally at you, I just extended the idea of the circumstances of your post. Poopy asked you nicely and said please when he told you to go read the guides.

It really helps if you keep on calling us that. Once you do it ten times, I give you a prize! :grrr: Poopy gives you one at 15, except his is bigger, brighter, and comes with a greeting card. :lol: