what should I put in Natalya Aromor?


what should I put in Natalya Aromor?

It has 3 sockets...
what's the best that i should put on my trap-assassin?

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A good, cheap (not best) solution is Ral Ort Thul for 30% Fire, Cold, Lightning resist.

I saw an Assassin with a triple UM'd Nat armor. Pretty crazy if you ask me.


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I did ral ort thul, because I need the resistance. Still, I feel somehow like I wasted it. But if I had 3 ums I would never insert them, you can get better stuff for 1 um ;)


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Depending on your needs, rubies and topazes are also good options.

For my kicksin, I used enhanced damage jewels.... fun :) But of course, that's no good for a trapper.


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I put in :
2 ED / MAX

Giving me :

53% ed
37 max damage
15% res all (on top of nats)

I do this for my Dual Claw build with

Maxed Claw Mastery (+139%)
Maxed Dragon Claw (+175%)

Which makes the 37 max damage quite large...

Of course you say you're a trapper..

Well.. I'd tosse Nats armor away and go for an armor with :
res all

Like :
Skin of the Viper
Chains of Honor


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This could be a dumb question but I'll ask anyway...

I was given a 1 socket nats armor. Is it possible to remove socket & try & get more sockets out of it. Or should I be happy w/ what I got?

What should I socket in it? No I don't have a Um rune... :scratch:


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heh, i soketed my 3Soket nats armor with Um's (definatly worth it considering 15%resist jewel's are quite more expensive, and harder to find via trading)
I personally think that is the best combo for putting into it.