What should I put in 3 os Eth Tomb Reaver?


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What should I put in 3 os Eth Tomb Reaver?

Hey all. I just found an eth Tomb reaver. 266 Ed and 3os!

What should go in this? Based on ias breakpoints and other gear (Andy vis and CoH) I need no more ias on weapon.

Choices to socket: Amn, Lo and Ohm.

If I already have 17ish Lifeleech, do I need amn? Also which is better ed or ds?


1)Amn Lo Lo

2)Amn Ohm Ohm

3)Amn Ohm Lo

4) 3x Lo

5) Ohm Lo Lo

If I don't need any more lifeleech it knocks of the first three choices. I heard mercs are very hard to kill with 15% plus life leech.

I think 3x Los might be best choice, but I am not sure. Remember cost is not an issue.




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Make a werewolf druid and put two ed%/ias jewels and a Zod in it. That weapon is the most damaging 4 frame Fury weapon for a Druid. Don't waste it on a merc.


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What he said, tomb reaver on a merc will do some damage but then is it REALLY useful? For a sorc, Infinity is far superior. For a botting hammerdin, insight will clear mana problems. For boss killing eth upped hone sundan will provide crushing blow 'en masse'.

I see no point of using tomb reaver on a merc. Resists? Mercs already have plenty. Damage? use a botd or some crap similar, it's not that useful anyways, mercs are tanks, you do the killing. MF? Not bad...Ist it in that case.


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I agree - an eth tomb reaver would be better slapped on a melee druid of mf polearm barb IMO. If you go with a WW polearm barb then a ed/ias + zod + ohm would be a reasonable socket job hehe. Also i have made an ethreal 'Obedience' Thresher and it does 9xx dmg, has 40%cb and resists all and it rocks on merc with such a low investment in the runes to make it too! Think this and Insight are the most value for runes merc runeword polearm one can get hehe. Oh congrats too for finding that tomb reaver @@


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As the other ppl said you should definately not socket this with a merc in mind, and stick a zod in it. Then i would say the best set up might be ber and Lo or either with an ED/IAS jewel. If you stick some nice runes/jewels in a thing i would say its a bad idea to stick a cheap thing in it as well(amn) as it will reduce the value of your potentially Uber item a fair bit.