What should i do?


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I'm assuming you are referring to the classic (over powered as most here would say *cough* ) hammer din.

follow the build guide for the still allocation. essentially as much as possible to vit. shop a sceptre. use a tri diamond kite shield until you can find/afford a good din shield, or even steelclash.

grab a set of magefists, two fcr rings, and hope for fcr on your ammy, or sceptre. as you level/build as much fhr/life/rez gear as you can afford to assemble.

people will call you noob, and/or laugh at you if you don't have "gg" gear, and/or if you're anything other than a pure vitadin.

personally? I don't care. mine's not a pure vita din, and if I swap different gear around I can wear a shard if I choose (I have a +1 priz ammy with 20 dex on it) or I can even get really crazy with str gear, and wear a -30 req ornate. I forget exactly how many hard points I have in str, but I started out with a +2 priz Din Tower shield, and didn't have the other gear to twink heavily around it.

I think I have something like 65, or maybe even 75 str naked. enough to get most people to say "ugh" but, I still manage to raid if I choose to, and typically tank pretty well in a cs so long as I have a decent BO. (honestly, the BO is much more help with mana than with life)