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What should i do with my bowazon?

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by beltt, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. beltt

    beltt IncGamers Member

    May 19, 2006
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    What should i do with my bowazon?

    I want to make a Chaos runner.

    Shes gonna be freezearrow/strafe.
    Max Cold and Freeze arrow.
    Max penetrate
    Valk lvl 14(18 with + skills)
    Strafe 1 point(6 with +skills)

    Gloves Laying of hands
    Armor Duress
    Boots Gore rider
    Amulet Highlords
    Rings Raven and rare manaleech
    Belt Razortail

    I cant decide on the following things:
    1.What bow should i use?
    I think i have 3 options:
    Upped Goldstrike(Will try to find a good one)

    I dont know which will have the highest dam???
    All monsters in Chaos are either demons or undead which is why i think Goldstrike is a good idea.
    Wf is slower than Goldstrike, but it has manaleech, which would allow me to use another raven or a lifeleech ring.

    2. What helm should i use?
    If i decide to use WF i think i have the following choices:
    Guillaume's Face DS/CB/str to reach the high Req of WF
    Andys Face Skill/Ias/LL/str to reach the high Req of WF
    Face of Horror 50% Dam to undead/All res/HCMTF/str to reach the high Req of WF.

    Merc is act 2 might with Reapers/Gaze/Duriels

    What should i put in the Bow and the helm? Shael in the bow no matter which of them i choose? Ias jewel in helm?

    Please feel free to come with suggestions and recommendations:).

    Last thing. Anyone knows what a WF costs on ScL these days?

    Regards *Perverted-mind
  2. Fuzzier

    Fuzzier IncGamers Member

    Sep 20, 2006
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    About Goldstrike:
    50%ias is godly! Good damage.
    ed% vs undead/demon only counts as off-weapon ed%. That on-hit-cast-FistOfHeaven mod will pause your attack every now and then, annoying.

    About WF:
    highest weapon damage of all bows. knockbak, mana-leech.
    only 20%ias (we'll see later if this matters).

    Physical damage (per hit) comparison:
    A perfect Goldstrike with 250%ed on-weapon has 136.5 average weapon damage.
    WF, at Lv88, has 274 average weapon damage, that's a little more than twice of a perfect Goldstrike.
    Perfect Goldstrike has 200%ed vs undead/demon, if your off-weapon ed% (include DEX) is less than 200, Goldstrike wins. Otherwise, WF wins.

    Take FA into account:
    An FA zon replies more on elemental damage than physical damage (although a high phs dmg ensures enough mana-leech), piercing & fast attack speed are more important than raw phyical damage (as long as it doen't hurt mana-leech).

    Normally, act1 rouge with a 'Faith' Hydra Bow more preferable than act2 Might. Without 'Faith', you cannot reach the last speed breakpoint (or even the 2nd last...).

    Speed breakpoints:
    Hydra Bow (10 WSM)
    ias_____frames (normal/multi/GA)

    ias_____frames (strafe)

    Goldstrike builds:
    50%ias from Goldstrike, 20% from LoH, 20% from Highlords, that's 90% already. You need another 30% to 9/2 strafe, yet another 30% to hit 8fpa.

    Possible build-0 (Goldstrike 8fpa & 9/2 strafe):
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in bow
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in Andy
    +10%___Goldwrap or Nosferatu's Coil (trade off piercing for speed)

    Possible build-1 (Goldstrike 9fpa & 9/2 strafe)
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in Andy or bow

    Possible build-2 (Goldstrike 9fpa & 9/2 strafe)
    0%_____non-Andy helm
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in helm
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in bow

    WF builds:
    20%ias from WF, 20% from LoH, 20% from Highlords, that's 60% already. You need another 20% to 9/3 strafe, yet another 10% to hit 9fpa. fpa blow 9 is not recommended.

    Possible build-3 (WF 9fpa & 9/3 strafe)
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in Andy or bow

    Possible build-4 (WF 9fpa & 9/3 strafe)
    0%_____non-Andy helm
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in helm
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in bow

    IMO, trading piercing for speed is not a very good idea, especially for a FA zon and monsters in CS are tightly packed.
    So, I'd choose WF builds (build-3 and build-4).
    If you use 'Fortitude' instead of 'Duress', and have a 'Faith' act1 Rogue, WF builds rock!

    Idea builds?
    Possible build-5 (WF 9fpa & 9/3 strafe)
    The same as build-3 & 4, equip act2 might with an 'Infinity' polearm/spear.
    You'd better use a 'Faith' Grand Matron Bow yourself.
    Quite expensive.

    Possible build-6 (WF 7fpa & 8/2 strafe)
    Hireling - act1 Rogue equipped with a 'Faith' Hydra Bow
    Body Armor - 'Fortitude' runeword
    55%ias is needed for 8/2 strafe, 95% (Lv13+ Fanatism) or 100% (Lv12 Fanatism) is need for 7fpa.
    You have 60% (WF, LoH, Highlords) already.
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in helm
    +15%___15/whatever Jewel in bow

    Possible build-7 (WF 7fpa & 8/2 strafe)
    Change Highlords to Atma's Scarab (for AmpDmg)
    Change Andy to M'avina's True Sight
  3. beltt

    beltt IncGamers Member

    May 19, 2006
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    I just got myself a WF and i think im gonna stick with it. The manaleech on it allows me to use another raven.
    Too bad i dont have the wealth to get a Faith. Would love to try one of those:)
    Again thx for the advice.

    Regards Beltt

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