what should i do now?


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what should i do now?

my sorc is 81 now, i got talrashas chest and helm with a orbitaller build, i got lidless and some decent rares for the rest of my gear. i was thinking of making a spirit shield and a insight for my merc. what do you think i should do at this point? should i start MFing? if so, where?

thanks in advance; kinda lost, havent played d2 in a while

EDIT: got an insight for merc; still wondering what exactly i should do
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Re: what should i do now?

Oculus is easy to get if you don't have it, some people give it for free.

I wouldn't suggest making another character, well, it's your choice... If you're bored... With 1.13 you can always get a different build and stick with your character.

If you get a crappy insight your merc might not survive in hell. Get him at least a tal rasha mask and a shaftshop. Try getting an elite 4os polearm (eth even better) for your insight because a 100 dmg insight will kill your merc (merc lives from life leech mainly).

Spirit is very easy to make find a plain monarch (can add 4 sockets at larzuk) or 4os and all 4 runes are cheap. Anything between 32-35% is perfect for sorc (for 117% frame).

You should run Meph, countess, pindleskin. Other possibilities are Andariel, summoner, eldritch. Hardest (and best) to run are caos and baal, when you will be strong enough (Requires infinity merc).


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Re: what should i do now?

CS really doesn't require an Infinity merc at all, especially as meteorb / orbitaller build.
Very few things in the CS are CI, the caster OK's are, but there are probably about 10-15 of them in the CS, perfectly FB-able.

I was kinda put off running CS on my sorc before I got Infinity, but now I've actually tried it I'm not sure i really need it. Sure for pure L builds it's the muts nuts, but for a slightly slower clear I'll happily save myself the runes and run it fairly quickly.

Baal runs should be that bit quicker now I've gone Orbitaller over Meteorb but to be fair I've not been and checked.


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Re: what should i do now?

Honestly, I'm a blizz sorc and I can run like a 3:30 CS. Granted I have a torch and CtA and all that. I don't do full clears either, I just clear around the seals and the seals themselves obviously. Then on to Diablo. Rinse. Repeat.

(I also run Trav, it's a piece of cake.)


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Re: what should i do now?

This is kind of the proverbial question when it comes to Diablo 2 now: how do I squeeze more life out of this rapidly-becoming-ancient game.

Doctor Clock's advice is true, but I'll add to it: find good gear or gear for trades if you play on b.net, and then make more characters until you find a build/class that you really like the gameplay of and use them to run things so that you have lots of fun doing what's essentially a very repetitive and potentially boring thing.

Thankfully now with the economy the way it is on b.net, you can make any kind of character and still profit if you know what to look for. A low-MF character can farm socketables, whites and blues. A high-MF character can run for profitable uniques, rares and sets. Then trade them for fun and further profit.

I'm at the point in D2 where I'm making rebel builds just to squeeze more life out of the game and find new uses for normally unused items.

Anyway, your sorc's best runs will be the Ancient Tunnels due to the distinct lack of any cold immunes and few fire immunes and you can find fantastic stuff down there . . . or so they tell me. Chaos runs aren't bad due to the only CIs being the Oblivion Knights and you can always telebomb your merc on top of them and then FB their faces at point-blank. Mephy/Travi runs will be easypeezee. Baal runs aren't so good, too many CIs and FIs and those damned Furytaurs, but you can always try them out. The Pits will suck, too many CI archers that you'll have to telebomb and FB up close and personal and too many FI fallen camps mixed in with those CIs.