What should I do next

What should I do next

Its funny, I have about 8 characters created, one a level 90 complete frozen orb sorc with a fireball back up. She is in act V at the ancients. Next is a level 66 pure blizz sorc in act I hell. other then that, the rest of the charcs are level 8-15 just because I have so many ideas that I want to create, I'm just not sure what to work on, so you guys are all hear to help me choose. Here are my choices.

1)level 14 fishymancer
2)I found a Death's Web in pindle, so poison/summoner hybrid
3)A javazon for cows
4)Work on my zealot
5)Work on my bowazon
6)Mat my level 90 sorc finally...lol
7)fight through hell with the pure blizz sorc
8)Fury Druid
9)Conc Barb
10)Frenzy Barb
11)Keep magic finding with the level 90 so i can fine a WF and HoZ so i can really play my bowa and zealot which I really want to do.


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Forsooth man, that is quite a range of options! I make 1 or 2 chars, then play them until they guardian/deeds. Of course, I need 7 guards, and am left with 2 remaining, so obviously they're my task.

I know 11) is out, because I too have a level 90 sorc (blizz) who has been mfing looking for a darn guardian angel and HoZ! You won't find it. :grin:

Mat your 90 sorc. She's been around for long enough.
If not that, just grab a char and get him to about 77, then rush through acts 3, 4, and 5 and pat him. I say Fury wolf.
(You could do a frenzy barb and let me know the results, because I'm thinking of doing that as one of my final 2 guards. The others assassin, but you don't have her as an option.)

GL mate.


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I'm kind of in the same situation. I chose #11, and I'm putting off my Lightning/FO, and Frenzier, until I find that damnfreakingoshdamned Dweb, so I can finally build a Psn/Summoner myself. Shew. Sorry for the lapse in composure. That's my $.02. :tongue:


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Heh, you should know better yourself, what you want to do, don't you think? :wink3:
Personally, I would mat the sorc first, it seems like she is not far from matting if she is 90.
Then I would level the blizzsorc and start to do real MF with her.
When you will be tired of MF runs and twinked characters, you can join some untwinked (HC) tourney. That's what I do...


Hmmm. Play with your frenzy barb! Frenzy barbs are real fun when i used to play them on bnet against the ubers :azn:


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I wanna say play with barbs but that sorc just bothers me too much. As Malah says "finish the game" :)

And then it's time for barbs! Wohooooo! :p


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Mat the sorc, then play your Fishymancer. Throw as much MF on him as you quest. Very safe, and you'll be amazed at what he finds along the way. Plenty of material for your stash.
Everyone is right, my level 90 needs to get mat'ed. Last night i was bored though and didnt have much time, so i tried som LK runs for like 20-30 min. Everytime i did them before i did them on p/1. I read where p/8 effects them immensely, and boy i was suprised. probably about 30-40 runs in 30 min. Found a 2 thuls, 2 io's, and a lem. Not to shabby. Also found a few decent charms to be carrying around.