what shield for exile?


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if going for def and highest possible smite dmg, then eth vortex. if going for most % block, then ST. go zak if going for most even smite dmg.

pvm u will need a res eth shield, pvp u will be going for ed/ar if zealer type.


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1) Ethereal, preferably
2) With resists (hopefully 35+). Or ED.
3) Elite pally shield.


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I always prefer zakarum shield. It has the highest average smite damage and looks hella good ! Plus its blocking rate is not as low as Vortex.

Downsides is its lower def and does pack a super high major punch as the Vortex. Sacred Targe's are another alternative, it has the lowest reqs but undoubtly the highest blocking. It's def is the lowest of course and it looks ugly for some.


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are u aloud to discuss glitching on here well if so pick any eth elite pally shield with no sockets and 35+res and go ahead and give it a roll just remember if it doesnt work you just wasted between 2-3 hrs for something that now is useless haha but if it does work you will end up with an exile with 1400+def now that is wonderfull