What Revolution do u run d2?

whirwind or beresk

  • whrilwind

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  • beresk

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This is only my 4th D2 revolution. Kind of odd time of year since I usually don't get the itch to revolt until the summer.


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Missing poll option:

- I run D2 windowed.

I don't, but I guess more people do that than run it full-screen in 640 :p


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Poorlilbunny said:
wuts window'd :embarrass

Add -w as a command parameter and Diablo 2 will run in a window instead of fullscreen.

You can add parameters to .exe's in Windows by right clicking on the .exe file and writing he parameters into the menu that appears.

Windowed mode is used by some players who have problems with Diablo 2's performance.


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You can also just hit Command-M during the game to run in windowed mode, and hit it again to return to fullscreen.