what polearm to make cressent moon in


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what polearm to make cressent moon in

Ok im makeing a titan barb i finaly have the runes to make cressent moon what polearm would be best?its going to be a ww barb.


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strijdje said:
i would say war pike, cause of the range with WW and it huge damage....
crescent moon rune word is only for polearm calss! so you can't do the runeword with war pike, cause it's spear class


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Chance to cast Static Field will not go off while whirlwinding, so
you may want to reconsider. However, if your mind is set on the
weapon I would choose a Giant Thresher as it has range [5] and speed
-10 so with Crescent Moon's 20% IAS it will hit the second whirlwind
break point. A better option might be a Shaelx2 Ogre Axe or a Cryptic Axe
with an IAS jewel.


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actually a cresent moon giant thresher will only hit the first ww bp i believe....the second is what you should really aim for but it is impossible with cresent moon, the sencond ww bp is a -60 speed